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10 Ways to Do Summer Right in Wisconsin

by Katie Hinkfuss Apr 23, 2018

1. Go to Summerfest as many times as you can manage it.

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Stage hop to see every style of music you can imagine and take advantage of the different promotions to get in free every once in a while. Hey, Summerfest is a long festival and you have to save money for beer somehow!

2. See Wisconsin Dells live up to its full potential.

In summer, every single inch of those many miles of outdoor water park slides and every single duck boat gets their time to shine, making Wisconsin Dells even more bizarre (and crowded) than we ever thought possible.

3. Spend as much time outside as possible.

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Summer is the earth’s way of apologizing for putting us through so many months of freezing cold and cruel spring snowstorms. So, take advantage of it while it’s here — whether it’s exploring the Apostle Islands in a kayak, sitting on your front porch with a good book, or stargazing on a dock with an cold Spotted Cow in hand. It sure isn’t going to last forever.

4. Enjoy the socially-acceptable window of ten days to eat as many cream puffs as you can at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Maybe the French invented this delectable pastry, but we all know where you can buy the best version and relive the glory of the world’s biggest ever made!

5. Stuff your face with all the cheese at Madison’s Farmers Market.

With so many different types of cheese and such friendly cheese-makers, it would be a shame to not try at least 50 different types. You could almost swear that Lady Forward, staring down from the pinnacle of the State Capital, is there to encourage you to be brave and try that habanero-flavored cheddar.

6. Have a beer on the huge lawn chair at UW-Madison’s Memorial Union Terrace.

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If you have any doubt about your climbing abilities, don’t even try to get up there or the whole terrace will witness your fail. But if you make it up, you are guaranteed to have a great view of the Lake Mendota while enjoying a cold pitcher.

7. Hit up cultural festivals every weekend.

From a polka festival in a Swiss town to a Mexican Fiesta in Milwaukee and everything in between, you can spend the whole summer traveling the world without ever leaving the state.

8. Watch live theater under the stars.

Whether it’s world-class Shakespeare performances in Spring Green or plays laced with a healthy dose of Wisconsin inside jokes in a more intimate setting at Peninsula State Park, your inner theater nerd will be more than content. Just don’t forget the repellant to keep our unofficial state bird away.

9. Cool down with a delicious custard.

Of course, we eat custard all year around but, in summer, we get to enjoy it with the perfect melt.

10. Do all the rides at Green Bay’s Bay Beach Amusement Park.

Not only are the ride tickets very affordable, but the park is also completely open to anyone to picnic or stroll around. Keep your eyes peeled and you might spot a Packers player from the Ferris wheel!

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