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9 Reasons Why We Should All Move to Wisconsin

by Katie Hinkfuss Mar 29, 2018

Our winters may be long and miserable; we may have our own lingo that out-of-towner have trouble deciphering; and we might be a little sensitive when outsiders criticize our home turf, but Wisconsin is still a great place to live. Here are 10 reasons why you too should move to Wisconsin.

1. Cheese curds and frozen custard are a way of life here.

You don’t have to look hard to enjoy these Wisconsin delicacies — they are served at most restaurants and bars as part of the normal menu. Just don’t ask to see the nutritional facts.

2. Summer is basically one long party.

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The world’s largest music festival, numerous cultural and street festivals, a weather so beautiful you can sleep outside, and incredible beer as a sidekick… this is what makes the long winters a very fair trade-off.

3. We have more lakes than Minnesota.

And we don’t need to brag about it on our license plates to know it’s true.

4. Wisconsin attracts world-class talent.

Just ask architect Santiago Calatrava. He recognized that Milwaukee’s lakefront was worthy enough of his first US-based project. We must also not overlook Wisconsin Dells, home to some of the country’s finest examples of architectural creativity that simultaneously delight and horrify us every time we visit.

5. It’s surprisingly close to Mexico.

We can hop on a Volaris flight direct from Milwaukee to Guadalajara and be there in 3.5 hours — no passing through Bears country necessary!

6. Cheesehead celebrity status

When traveling out of state, you get street cred for living so close to the stadiums most people will only ever be lucky enough to see on their TV screens.

7. You can still see professional sports teams for a reasonable price.

Forget taking out a new mortgage just to see your favorite player from miles away in an overrated stadium. In Wisconsin, you can see professional baseball and basketball for very reasonable prices — some games for under $5! Packers tickets are harder to come by, but spend some time in Green Bay and you are bound to run into a player eventually and for no money at all.

8. There’s no such thing as tailgating season.

The stadium, the team we are cheering for, and the amount of clothing we wear may change, but the brats and beer are just as tasty.

9. Incredible access to one of the world’s greatest sources of fresh water.

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Which means an awful lot of swimming, but no sharks, no salt, and no tide. You can even surf in Sheboygan! California’s got nothing on us.

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