12 Expressions You Need to Learn Before Coming to Wisconsin

by Katie Hinkfuss Apr 26, 2017

1. ”Cheesehead”

If you are ever called one, you should swell with pride.

2. ”Up North”

If you go on vacation pretty much anywhere in the state north of Milwaukee and Madison, you are “Up North.” If you live farther north in Wisconsin, this vacation destination could be qualified as any place north of where you live. “Up North” is a mystical place full of cabins, campfires, lakes, the woods and good times.

3. “Where’s the bubbler?”

Ask for a drinking fountain and expect blank stares.

4. ”Friday Fish Fry”

With coleslaw, rye bread, tartar sauce, potato pancakes and, of course, some local beer, expect fried fish to be your diet every Friday night while you are in Wisconsin.

5. ”Who do you think will win the sausage race?”

Some professional baseball teams have t-shirt tosses and some have a loveable mascot to keep the crowd happy. The Milwaukee Brewers have a world-famous sausage race before the bottom of the sixth inning featuring 5 live people running in a bratwurst, Polish sausage, Italian sausage, hot dog and chorizo costume.

6. ”Cooler by the Lake”

There’s nothing like that delicious fresh-off-the-lake breeze that makes any hot Summer day that much sweeter.

7. ”How many brats do you want?”

Don’t make the mistake of comparing a brat to a hot dog.

8. ”Are the curds squeaky?”

When it comes to cheese curds, the squeakier the better.

9. ”White Gold”

More snow means more revenue and business for snow removal companies, ski hills, snowmobile rentals, etc.

10. “I’ll take a Brandy Old Fashioned”

Wisconsin’s unofficial state cocktail. The Drink Wisconsinbly Pub in Milwaukee actually pours Old Fashioneds from a bubbler!

11. ”Cold Day”

In Wisconsin, we get our fair share of “Snow Days” but also have “Cold Days” — when it is so cold that the cars won’t start and it is too dangerous to go outside.

12. “Shorts Weather”

Pretty much as soon as the snow starts to melt.

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