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The 11 Things Californians Are Total Snobs About

by Monica Puccetti Nov 14, 2017

Californians are a pretty relaxed bunch, after all, why wouldn’t we be with 360 days of sunshine and 840 miles of coastline? However, our home state love can become a bit fanatical at times and we recommend that you quit while you’re ahead if you ever try to convince us that certain things are better (or worse) where you’re from.

National and State Parks

From the stunning seascapes of the Channel Islands to the harsh beauty of Death Valley to the pristine alpine air of Yosemite, our parks are pretty amazing and with so many to choose from you’ll never be bored. After all, it might take you a lifetime to make it through all 118 State Parks, 31 National Wildlife Refuges, 11 State Reserves, 11 State Wildlife Areas, and 9 National Parks.

Access to international travel

From LAX to SFO, California is not short on international air travel hubs. LAX is pretty horrible, but if you can put up with the traffic to get there you can fly to Australia for less than $600. It’s such a hub, you can even fly most places direct. We are always shocked at the number of layovers when flying internationally from out of state.

Diversity of food

California is an extremely diverse state and it shows in our food. No matter if it is a meaty bowl of pho or a couple of lengua tacos, you can find what you are looking for in California. California does not have one face or one dish; instead, we embrace the many different food traditions of our diverse population. Honestly, we have come to expect that our local supermarket will carry an array of curry pastes, salsas, and noodles.


Your local burger joint isn’t better than ours and don’t try to convince us when we can get freshly made patties, never-frozen vegetables, and crispy fries for less than $5. We swear by the secret menu and refuse to eat anywhere else if there is an In n’ Out within driving distance.


When you spend as much time enjoying the natural beauty of your state as Californians, it just makes sense that you support environmental protection movements. We cringe every time there isn’t a recycling bin, compulsively compost, and lead the way in the progressive protection of our land. Not convinced? Just take a look at the California-led alliance of cities and states vowing to uphold the Paris climate accord.

Mexican food

Would this really be a list about Californian snobbery if it didn’t include Mexican food? We share a border with the home of one of the best food traditions around and it shows. Our southern neighbor has blessed our state with proper al pastor, spicy chorizo, and fluffy fish tacos so really, don’t bother taking us to “the best Mexican food in town”, because if there is anything “hard-shelled” on the menu we will probably walk out.


Starting in the late 1800s, Napa Valley became the main wine-producing region of the United States and our love of locally produced libations has only grown since then. Californians are spoiled by the plentiful selection of Cabs, Malbecs, and Merlots that pepper any self-respecting store’s aisles and we will be woefully disappointed when you serve us “wine” out of a bag.


When someone begins to complain about their 30-minute commute, all I can think is, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” Our lovely, beautiful state is quite popular, thus the inordinate amount of traffic. Driving on the 405 anytime between 2 pm and 7 pm is an act of S&M style masochism and if you ask anyone to brave that you’d better have a good reason.

High-quality fruit

One of my best friends recently told me, “I didn’t know fruit was seasonal before moving out of state”, and I had to think hard for a minute about what she meant because, damn, I wasn’t sure if I knew either! Due to our phenomenal climate, California is the fruit basket of the US and we grew up happily munching away on plump berries, juicy pears, and creamy avocados every day of the year. We are spoiled, but who cares? Just prepare for the out of state supermarket dismay that will inevitably follow the first batch of sad, white tipped winter strawberries.


California is internationally known as the land of Hollywood, sun, and sand. When I go abroad, I introduce myself as Californian first, not American, and the first question anyone will ask me is if I surf. While I’m not the best surfer in the world, I was raised on the beach and as any Californian will know, our beaches are some of the best in the States. We Californians sport perpetual tans from weekends lounging on the sand, early mornings riding the waves, and days spent enjoying our coastline in every way imaginable. From snorkeling, boating, fishing, surfing, swimming, skin-boarding, scuba diving, kite surfing, to just enjoying listening to the crash of the waves, it doesn’t matter what aquatic activity you enjoy, we have it all in sunny California.

Fresh seafood

Remember those 840 miles of coastline? Yes, we are serious about our seafood and don’t believe in consuming any fish more than a hundred miles inland. After all, if it had to survive a deep freeze to make it to our plates, we’d rather just try the chicken.

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