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12 Reasons We Should All Be Moving to Arizona

Arizona Culture
by Angela Orlando Nov 14, 2017

1. Our exceptional wine has a higher alcohol content.

We grow some 30 varietals of grapes and they’re all just a bit stronger than their out-of-state counterparts. That’s because the weather allows a longer growing season, so more time for alcohol to accumulate in the fruit.

2. Our innovative (if artery-clogging) gastronomy.

Ever heard of the Sonoran Dog and the chimichanga? We invented both of these food wonders.

3. Cost of living is low… but hurry, it’s rising.

A house can still be bought in a decent part of Phoenix or Tucson for something like $125k, but not in Flagstaff or Prescott. Gas is cheap and taxes are low. Avocados are $1 or less, so technically, you can have it all: avocado toast and a house!

4. Our wonderful climate.

Snow shoveling won’t have a place on the household chore list any longer. Neither will lawn mowing or leaf blowing. That’s the tradeoff for warmth and sunshine — a beautiful, low maintenance landscape.

5. We never have to change our clock back and forth.

What is this arcane time-change practice?

6. The arts are thriving.

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Small towns like Bisbee, Jerome, Sedona, and Tubac are creative havens, while larger cities like Phoenix and Tucson have strong local music, theater, literature, and street art scenes.

7. You get to dress up in Wild West gear and it’s not even a costume.

Boots and hats are standard; holsters (with real guns) aren’t unusual. Alternately, you can just wear flip flops wherever you want.

8. It’s six hours from the beach (depending on where you live in the state).

San Diego is but a desert-crossing away, and Rocky Point, Mexico is Spring Breaker paradise.

9. We love pets.

Dogs are welcome more places than not. Horses, llamas, chickens, ostriches, and snakes make a family complete.

10. We’re going purple.

The state is finally beginning to see some compromise between the extremes of the political parties.

11. Our scenery is unbeatable.

From unique endemic plant and animal life to famous sunsets, to ecological zones ranging from riparian wetlands to desert canyonlands — it’s hard to escape the beautiful vistas.

12. You can worship anyone and anything you want, just about everywhere.

In most towns, churches outnumber bars (barely), but we have no shortage of non-Christian beliefs: healing crystals and indigenous practices still very much alive.

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