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13 Differences Between a Local and a Transplant in Philly

by Lauren Steffen Jan 30, 2018

1. At breakfast, native Philadelphians request double orders of scrapple, extra crispy, to complement cheesy scrambled “aegz,” smothered in catsup, and buttered rye toast.
Transplants don’t know what scrapple is exactly but don’t even consider ordering it because it has the word “crap” in it.

2. Native Philadelphians love their “Iggles”, win or lose (despite how they may act when they’re losing.)
Transplants are indifferent to the city’s football team until the Eagles start winning and head to the Superbowl LII!

3. When native Philadelphians are thirsty, they go to Wawa to get Wawa Iced Tea.
Transplants buy Snapple at vending machines and 7-11.

4. Native Philadelphians remember when The Vet hosted, not only the city’s football games, but also “Eagles Court”.
Transplants remain unaware of this sordid sore spot in Philadelphia sports history as they sit pretty in lovely Lincoln Financial Field, cheering at the games.

5. Native Philadelphians know how to do the Mummer’s Strut.
Transplants are like, “What’s a Mummer?”

6. Native Philadelphians know that gravy is that marvelous, tomatoey deliciousness you put on top of spaghetti when you have meatballs.
Transplants think of gravy as the stuff you put on turkey and mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving. Native Philadelphians do regard the brown stuff as a good alternative to cheese wiz on top of fries every now and again.

7. Transplants can plot a perfect walking tour from Edgar Allen Poe’s house to Betsy Ross’ to Ben Franklin’s, with side trips to the Liberty Bell and Declaration House built in.
Native Philadelphians, however, can expertly weave their too-big cars through all the tiny one-way streets to each of the best cheesesteak spots in the city.

8. Transplants vie for tables spread with delicate, ‘gramable brunches at downtown hotspots Café Lift, Fork, and Talula’s Garden.
Native Philadelphians race their church-going neighbors to get seated at booths they can load with heaping, hearty platters and bottomless coffee at their local mainstays, like the Melrose, Penrose, and Mayfair Diners.

9. Transplants sit in the park nibbling ice cream treats from Franklin Fountain to beat the sticky summer heat.
Native Philadelphians gather on the corner outside Pop’s Homemade Water Ice, grinning against oh-so-sweet, real-fruit, slushy induced brain freeze.

10. Even though Philadelphia is the sixth largest city in the nation, natives Philadelphians love to liken their city to a small town and fondly describe it as a place comprised of many unique neighborhoods.
Transplants like to cite the fact Philadelphia is a steadily growing metropolis with Center City ranking second only to Midtown Manhattan for urban density.

11. Many native Philadelphians drink “wudder” straight from the tap.
Transplants prefer having Crystal Springs water delivered to their homes.

12. Native Philadelphians know how to pop fire plugs and have no shame about splashing around in the city’s many huge fountains when it’s hot out.
Transplants go to the swim club.

13. Native Philadelphians love to scorn New Jersey any chance they get, but come summer they all shoot over a bridge and “down the shore” to their Brigantine and Wildwood beach houses, every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
Transplants read all the reviews they can find on every southern New Jersey seaside resort, from Atlantic City to Stone Harbor, before booking an Airbnb for a week at the beach.

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