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14 Dirtiest Expressions in German (and How Not to Use Them)

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by Tabitha Buchner Feb 19, 2018

Germans might come off as reserved and quiet at first, but they sure do know how to swear and use dirty language! Not all of it is meant in a negative way though. Here are some examples you are likely to come across when spending time with Germans (warning: German dirty language is very fixated on butts and excrements).

1. In German, if something suits really well, it “fits like an ass on the bucket” (Wie Arsch auf Eimer).

2. Instead of saying “what the hell!” when they are surprised, Germans will shout “shit on the wall!” (Scheiss die Wand an!)

3. If someone acts a bit dumb or slow, Germans call them an “ass violin” (Arschgeige).

4. When a German tells you what they are saying is “without any shit”, they are assuring you they are telling the truth. They will also ask you, “without shit?” to see if you are lying (Ohne Scheiss!).

5. If a German is really annoyed or stressed, “they vomit in circles” (Im Kreis kotzen).

6. To insult you, Germans might call you “piss clove” (Pissnelke).

7. If something is in the middle of nowhere, Germans tell you it’s “at the ass of the world” (Am Arsch der Welt).

8. Germans call idiots “flat wankers” (Flachwichser).

9. If you messed up really badly, you “shat in it” (Reinscheissen).

10. If you’re being a coward, Germans will call you “pant shitter” (Hosenscheisser).

11. If someone is being really crazy, Germans say they “have an open ass” (Den Arsch offen haben).

12. When Germans have to go for number two, they “lower someone down” (Einen abseilen).

13. When Germans vomit, they “scream at the ceramics/wall” (Die Keramik/Wand anschreien).

14. In German, if something is broken, it is “at the ass” (Am Arsch). Someone is also “at the ass” when they are really tired (Am Arsch sein).

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