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Any conversation about going to Germany is going to start with beer, right? Because of its unique beer laws, Germany is the best destination in the world for beer lovers, and whether you’re in the Krolsh taverns of Cologne or doing Oktoberfest in Munich, suds are almost always on the agenda.

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What’s that? There’s thousands and thousands of years of history in Germany too? Well, sure, if you’re into stuff like dream-worthy medieval castles and historic cathedrals or the fascinating history of the WWII era and Cold-War Berlin. And believe it or not, Germany also has tons of vacation-ready islands full of beaches and relaxation, if that’s more your vacation game.

Check out our city guides to Berlin and Munich before you go, and get the lay of the land. Then head out into the forests, beaches, and centuries of history. Just make sure you’re doing all of it with a clean, crisp beer in your hand.


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