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22 Things to Do in Berlin Before You Die

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by Marcela Faé Dec 9, 2015

1. Go to a punk show.

Radio Dead Ones at the Coretex Stage #fotostrasse

A photo posted by Marcela Faé (@marcelafae) on

Berlin is the birthplace for techno but the punk rock side is just too awesome to miss. SO36, Ramones Museum, Køpi 137, Cassiopeia, and Core Tex are some of the places you can find some punk rock.

2. End your night at Trinkteufel.

Berlin Kreuzberg 2015

A photo posted by Pascal – パスカル 先生 – پاسكال (@ijustdontknow) on

This place is open, always. Like literally always.

3. Visit all the Christmas markets you can during November and December.

you should go down to Neukölln just to enjoy the always great Rixdorfer Christmas Market. #Berlin #fotostrasse

A photo posted by Fotostrasse (@fotostrasse) on

4. Smoke grass at Görlitzer Park.

5. Go to the beach that is not a beach…

How’s your summer? Ours is like this! #berlin #wannsee #summer #beach #lake #fotostrasse

A photo posted by Fotostrasse (@fotostrasse) on

Berlin is filled with beautiful lakes and some of them have sand.

6. Then move to the nudist part of the beach and free yourself from unrealistic beauty standards.

When you realise that nobody looks like they do on the front cover of magazines, you learn to relax and accept yourself.

7. Take your bike out to the forests around Müggelsee.


A photo posted by Felipe Tofani (@ftrc) on

8. Take a ferry in Berlin with your subway ticket.

Have you ever taken the #ferry in #berlin? Believe or not, today was the 1st time we did!!

A video posted by Fotostrasse (@fotostrasse) on

The BVG ticket gives you access to ferries!

9. Explore outside The Ringbahn.

This is Gärten der Welt, a park in Marzahn. The park homes many beautiful location themed gardens. You can work through landscaping from Japan to Morocco, Korea to China.

10. Visit the not-so-famous Soviet memorials.

11. Spend a day visiting the museum island.

one of our favorite views in #Berlin #vscocam

A photo posted by Fotostrasse (@fotostrasse) on

12. Spend at least three weekends visiting art galleries.

Michael Stipe from R.E.M. and his ass by Anton Corbijn. #vscocam #fotostrasse

A photo posted by Felipe Tofani (@ftrc) on

13. Spend the others trying to find the best street art from famous artists around the city.

Awesome artwork at Mehringplatz. #Obey #Berlin #Vscocam

A photo posted by Fotostrasse (@fotostrasse) on

Banksy, Os Gemeos, Obey, Blu are some of the names you can find around here.

14. Get to know David Bowie’s favourite and famous spots.

you don’t need to guess where we were this morning. #Bowie

A photo posted by Fotostrasse (@fotostrasse) on

His Berlin apartment is on Haupstrasse 155 in Schöneberg, the studio where Heroes was recorded is on Potsdamer Platz and so on.

15. Visit some of the 250 parks.

My city is better than yours

A photo posted by Marcela Faé (@marcelafae) on

My recommendations are: Hasenheide, Volkspark Friedrichshain, Volkspark am Weinberg, Körnerpark and Viktoriapark.

16. Spend a whole summer day inside the world’s biggest open-air monument, Tempelhof Freiheit.

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Tempelhof used to be one of the biggest airports in Europe and how it is open to the public for bbq, sports, events and gardening.

17. Explore some of the cities abandoned sites.

War, division, oppression, and reunification has made Berlin a special place for urban explorers.

18. Have fun choosing a beer at the local spätie.

Beer ahoi! We found a #beer island, and we might just have to pirate it. #Berlin #Spaeti

A photo posted by Luci Westphal (@luciwest) on

19. Try a Mexikaner.

Mexicaner, satanas vive em forma de shot de pimenta com vodka e suco de tomate

A photo posted by Felipe Tofani (@ftrc) on

Mexikaner causes pain, agony, and a lot of fun in a hot-sauce-based shot of schnapps.

20. Experience May Fest like a local at a street festival.

the best view #fotostrasse

A photo posted by Felipe Tofani (@ftrc) on

One of the biggest street festivals in Berlin is the May Fest. The best spot for seeing bands, eating food and participating Berlins cultural celebrations is Oranienstrasse and around in Kreuzberg.

21. See the giant penis on the side of Taz building.

this is one #onlyinBerlin moment

A photo posted by Fotostrasse (@fotostrasse) on

This is how the leftist party makes fun of the Axel Springer corporate media company across the street.

22. Cure your hangover with the best Turkish food available.

chicken döner, i love you

A photo posted by Felipe Tofani (@ftrc) on

Did you know the Döner Kebab was invented in Berlin? Couple it with a glass of Ayran.

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