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16 Images That Prove Berlin Is the Most Instagrammable Place on the Planet

Berlin Photo + Video + Film Galleries
by Marcela Faé Dec 21, 2015

1. Berliner Dom

Monday mirrors in Berlin. #visit_berlin

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2. The wonder wheel in Alexanderplatz

3. One of the NSA’s largest listening stations, the abandoned Teufelsberg (German for ‘Devil’s Hill’)

4. The Fernsehturm, the symbol of Berlin.

5. Oberbaum Bridge

6. An overview of just one of Berlin’s many canals

7. Blub, an abandoned waterpark in the middle of the city

8. But also Spree Park, an abandoned amusement park

9. Treptower Park

10. At the very top of Neukölln Arcanden

11. The street art of F-hain

Promoción #nivea encubierta

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12. Krezberg, or ‘Xberg’, a Turkish neighborhood that is great for concerts, bars and parks.

13. Charlottenburg, where you can find a castle

14. Bode Museum

15. Babelsberg Park

16. Berlin, from above

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