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15 Signs You Learned to Drink in California

by Julia Kitlinski-Hong Mar 13, 2017

1. You first beers were Tecate, Pacifico or Modelo.

Forget Bud, Miller or Coors, being close to the border meant inexpensive Mexican beer for house parties, because let’s be honest it was not about quality, only quantity.

2. You drank 40s from a paper bag on the beach at night.

Whether it was Ocean Beach up north or Pacific Beach down south, it was a regular ritual picking up these large bottles of sacred liquid from the corner store, before heading down to your crew’s usual spot on the sand.

3. It was a rite of passage to head South of the Border for spring break in college.

Everyone knows the drinking age in Mexico is non-existent, plus bottomless margaritas and free shots. It is safe to say your early memories of this country are a blur.

4. Your first sip of alcohol was most likely of your parent’s craft beer or chardonnay at dinner.

California is known for being proud of its wine and likewise for it craft brews and you always referred to these drinks as “adult beverages.”

5. Cinco de Mayo is a national holiday.

Cheap beer, tacos and plenty of margaritas-never mind that the next day is a complete waste.

6. You always had unfortunate run-ins with Jose Cuervo.

Even after all these years the mention of this cheap tequila makes you gag when you think of all those times you made the same mistake yet again.

7. Beer pong was often played in the pool.

A floating beer pong table seemed like the best invention ever, until you think of how many people used that pool as a bathroom.

8. Your jungle juice always had Malibu Rum in it.

You could smell that sickly sweet coconut flavoring from a mile away and your stomach turns whenever you get a whiff of it now.

9. You attended at least a few epic UC house parties (frat or otherwise) that you have no recollection of the next day.

Even if you weren’t actually a student there.

10. You made the rookie mistake of taking pot gummies after a night of heavy drinking.

A guaranteed way to spend a night hanging over the porcelain throne.

11. Your go-to hangover food was and still is either a big bowl of pho or a giant breakfast burrito.

Because the greasier the better for your poor wrecked body.

12. You quickly learned that flip-flops were not the wisest footwear at a bar.

There’s nothing worse than sticky beer toes at the end of the night.

13. You drink bottomless mimosas with your organic, locally sourced brunch.

Never mind that the champagne is always the cheapest brand.

14. You have a go-to Japanese restaurant where you learned the fine art of sake bombing.

Where the waiters know you and your order by heart.

15. You have eaten your weight in street tacos and bacon-wrapped hot dogs.

There is nothing more satisfying to cure the late night munchies than greasy street food that is conveniently located right outside the bar.

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