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21 Habits That Are Hard to Shake When You Leave Wisconsin

by Katie Hinkfuss May 24, 2018

Every state has their specific cultural habits and Wisconsin is no exception. We are very proud of our quirks and rituals and are quick to defend everything that makes the state unique, whether it be our accent or how we deal with cold temperatures. From knowing how to prepare cheese curds and a Bloody Mary, to properly celebrating Summerfest and a Packers game, here are 21 habits that are hard to shake when you leave Wisconsin.

1. Getting a little offended when you meet someone from Vermont and they mention how they have “good” cheese.

2. Assuming all lakes will be as big and impressive as Lake Michigan or Superior.

3. Forgetting to not swallow a mouthful of water when swimming outdoors. Isn’t all water fresh?

4. Laughing to yourself when non-Midwest states come to a grinding halt over a little snowfall.

5. Waiting patiently for fireworks on the Third of July…

6. Yelling “the Bears still suck!” when you meet anyone from Chicago and then begrudgingly congratulating them on the Cubs (it only took 108 years to win the World Series).

7. Not specifying exactly where you are talking about when you mention your family’s cabin “up North.”

8. Comparing every music festival Summerfest and being disappointed when we see how many stages there are.

9. Thinking all art museums should be as breathtaking as Milwaukee’s with retractable wings.

10. Bracing yourself for huge portions every time you go out to eat — only to be let down.

11. Pronouncing your vowels with a slight (or extreme) nasal sound. It’s “baaaaaaag”.

12. Breaking out a huge smile, nodding in solidarity and probably starting a friendly conversation when you run into anyone with Packers, Brewers, Bucks or Badgers attire no matter where in the world you are.

13. Starting small talk with people in line at the grocery store, in the elevator, waiting for the bus…no, we are not flirting.

14. Desperately hoping for a fish fry on the menu when walking into pretty much any restaurant on a Friday night.

15. Wearing Packers gear on Sunday, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

16. Expecting all team mascots (official or unofficial) to be a consumable item. Whether that be cheese, beer, a deer…

17. Pronouncing “Ma-wauk-ee” in a way that no one except state residents would ever be able to identify as Milwaukee.

18. Rolling your eyes when someone tries to pass off fried cheese curds as the real deal.

19. Asking for the bubbler and then shaking your head impatiently when people look confused, doing everything possible to not say the word people from other states use.

20. Wanting to yell “our cows are happier!” every time you meet someone from California.

21. Being shocked when there are empty seats in other NFL stadiums. Apparently, not everyone loves their team as much as we love our Packers!

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