30 Amazing Facts About France

France Maps + Infographics
by Ana Bulnes Aug 5, 2017

You know Paris, you love croissants, baguettes, and French wine, but what do you really know about France? It’s actually quite a big country (that is, for European standards) and each region has its own tourist highlights, specialties, and personality. Depending on your interests, one side of France will attract you more than the others: maybe you’re all about medieval architecture (go see the chateaux!), or your idea of paradise involves cheese (did you know the country produces nearly a billion tons of cheese a year?), or you love eating new, challenging things (snails! frogs!).

While you wait until you can visit France again or for the first time, sit back, relax (maybe with some red wine!), and learn all these amazing facts about the country in this infographic by Gites.co.uk.

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