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The 6 Best Cafés in Brooklyn to Get Work Done

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by Jasmine Caceres Jun 14, 2017

I completed my undergraduate degree in Brooklyn, where many colleges are considered “commuter schools.” This meant that I spent very little time actually on campus and more time at local coffee shops. There are so many Brooklyn cafés in which remote workers, students, and freelancers can get their work done and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

1. Ava Brew

Brooklyn cafe

Photo: AVABrew

Ava Brew was designed with the local work community in mind — with a lounge-like atmosphere perfect for working or smaller post-work meetings. For those who work remotely into the later part of the day, Ava Brew also offers wine and craft beer options.

What to Order: The Nutella Latte

100 Willoughby Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

2. Manhattanville Coffee

Manhattanville Coffee offers comfort foods, from savory tarts to galettes; free high-speed Wi-Fi and a communal table with 16 power outlets. This Crown Heights cafe makes for a great place to set up a remote workstation for the day.

What To Order: The Grilled Cheese

167 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

3. Brooklyn Roasting Company

The Brooklyn Roasting Company buys coffee from a variety of regions and roasts it in New York. There are four cafes and five outposts in Brooklyn, the largest their original location on Jay Street. The Brooklyn Roasting Company offers a big roomy space, complete with couches and tables where you can focus on your work without crowds or distractions.

What To Order: The Maple Shay Latte

25 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

4. Cocoa Grinder

Cocoa Grinder was developed with the idea that, “For the hardworking individual of today, convenience is everything.” Guests can enjoy the spacious design and make use of in-house roasted coffee, health-conscious meals, and an open read-as-you-please bookshelf.

What To Order: The Mocha Caffeinated Blast Shake

8511 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209

5. Breukelen Coffee House

It is rare to find Breukelen Coffee House not being utilized by various students and remote workers on their laptops. The design of Breukelen Coffee House is minimalistic but what it lacks in decor, it makes up for in charging ports and free Wi-fi.

What To Order: A cold brew

764 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

6. Toby’s Estate

Brooklyn Cafe

Photo: Toby’s Estate Brooklyn

The airy warehouse that makes up Toby’s Estate provides enough space for their coffee education Brew School classes, as well as room for those who want to stop in and/or get some work done throughout the day. Toby’s Estate offers free Wi-Fi, ad well as baked goods from well-known local companies.

What To Order: Salvatore Ricotta Toast

125 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

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