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The 6 Best Cafes in Melbourne for Working Creatives

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by Nicolle White Jul 19, 2017

Most Melbournians are rightly proud of “the café scene.” Known for being coffee snobs and putting brunch on an almost unreachable pedestal, Melbourne residents insist that the city have no shortage of good cafes to choose from.

Here’s a guide of some of the best cafes in Melbourne.

Auction Rooms Cafe

While Auction Rooms is known for being busy on the weekends (you’re lucky if you get a table within 15 minutes), the pace relaxes during the week, so you won’t feel pressured to rush through your meal. There’s plenty of power sockets and free Wi-Fi, so settle in with one of Melbourne’s best cups of coffee and start typing.


For those looking to work outdoors but need a power point; wanting to hide from Melbourne’s cold winters; or simply can’t work without a constant stream of coffee, head south of the Yarra River to Kanteen. With plenty of light and an indoor/outdoor set-up that overlooks the river, it’s the perfect place to break up a long day spent indoors behind a desk.

Serotonin Eatery

Head to Serotonin Eatery for some extra good vibes while you’re working. The menu is based around food scientifically designed to put you in a better mood. They also have a set of adult swings and a dog-friendly courtyard. This café even has a workout station should you fancy moving away from your desk.

Mr Tulk

If you want to be inspired by the beauty of The State Library but prefer a slightly more informal working environment, Mr Tulk is the perfect spot for you. Previously part of the state library, this cafe is an obvious choice for students and workers alike, so you won’t feel out of place here.

Journal Café

The space at Journal Café is defined by mood-lighting and book-filled shelves that offer a gentle reminder that you’re there to get work done. A large communal table gives this café the feeling of being at a co-working space, creating a buzz to keep you on track long after your espresso has worn off.

1000 pound bend

1000 pound bend is known for two things: creatives and incredible coffee. The venue, which houses a café, gallery, and a cinema, is a popular hangout spot for students, perhaps because it transforms into a bar at night. If you can keep on track even with the promise of beers at the end of the day, head into Laptop Land for two hours free Wi-Fi and discounted coffee.

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