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8 Best Cafes in Berlin to Get Work Done

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by Marcela Faé Jun 29, 2017

Most people in Berlin love coffee as much as they love the freelance and start-up life. Whether you’re just visiting or looking for an alternative for your home office, here’s a list of my favorite places for getting a great cup and best connection in Berlin.

1. Sankt Oberholz, Mitte

If you are familiar with the startup/ freelancer scene here in Berlin, you probably know of Sankt Oberholz. This is one of the most famous co-working spaces in the city. Personally, I recommend heading to the second location, it’s less crowded, cozier and chilled.

Sankt Oberholz, Zehdenicker Strasse 1

2. Two and Two, Neukölln

If you read my blog, you know that this place is special for me. Besides the great coffee and free Wi-Fi, they have the best chocolate cake in the city. It is small, homey and they have a range of French pastries with a Japanese twist, a combination that works perfectly.

Two and Two, Pannierstraße 6

3. Kaffeemitte, Mitte

Kaffeemitte is one of the oldies in this list. It’s a favorite and well known. Because of that, sometimes is a bit crowded. But you can enjoy a nice summer afternoon and get some work done — as long as you avoid rush hours and weekends. They have delicious lattes, cheesecakes, and sandwiches.

Kaffeemitte, Weinmeisterstr. 9a

4. Westberlin, Mitte

Westberlin is located close to one of the most important and best-known sites in the city: Checkpoint Charlie. Checkpoint Charlie is filled with tourist traps – as expected – but Westberlin is somewhat a safe haven for creative people.

Westberlin Coffeebar & Mediashop, Friedrichstrasse 215

5. Shakespeare and Sons, Friedrichshain

This place is the perfect combination of a bookshop and a nice cafe space. They have free wifi, fresh bagels and a huge variety of teas. Spend your day reading, working and enjoying good food.

Warschauerstrasse 74, Friedrichshain

6. No Fire No Glory, Prenzlauer Berg

This is maybe the most beautiful venue on this list. Maybe it’s the summer aspect, with the plants taking over outside or the use of wood inside the cafe, which I love. Small, quiet and super cozy, these are the words that best describe No Fire No Glory. And, for creatives, the name is sheer inspiration.

Rykestr. 45, 10405

7. Betahaus Café, Kreuzberg

My absolute favorite place for networking. Betahaus is the place to get to know startup people and creative souls. This co-working space offers free internet and loads of wall jacks for the customers in their down-stairs cafes, so you don’t have to worry about charging your laptop. If you want a more stable freelance life, they also offer tables for rent at good prices. You can have your office in the very heart of Kreuzberg if you want.
Another great point is that this place opens as early as 8am, so you can be productive in the morning and enjoy the afternoon in one of the many parks and squares around the area.

Betahouse Café, Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23.

8. Michelberger Hotel, Friedrichshain

This hotel/hostel is one of the easiest places to spot as soon as you leave the U1 at the Warschauerstr station. A little bit too much of coming and going for my taste, but definitely worth it if you’re tired of the same ol’ cafe or co-working vibe or if you just want to meet new great people. The hotel lobby offers great snacks and good coffee, so grab your laptop and enjoy yourself. And did I mention that this place has an incredibly nice restaurant inside, so if you’re looking for a quiet place to set up a business meeting, you’ve just found it.

Michelberger Hotel, Warschauer Str. 39

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