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The 8 Best Places to Meet Travelers in Barcelona

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by Dayana Aleksandrova May 19, 2017

BARCELONA’S magnificent quirky architecture, world-class food and wines, and sandy beaches attract travelers from all over the globe. Discover these eight spots where you can connect with other visitors.

1. Travel Bar

This bar is created by and for travelers. This local watering hole’s interior is cozy, decorated with world maps and clocks showing time zones from Barcelona to Bali. Travel Bar organizes pub crawls, beach games, walking tours and even a paella and sangria-making class.

A local chef will take you shopping at La Boqueria, then demonstrate how to cook paella like a local. You will learn how to make sangria as well and enjoy an unlimited amount of it throughout the evening, with platters of local cheese and jamon.

2.Bicilona Tours

Barcelona has cycling alleys all around and a few dozen bike tours available. Bicilona, created by serial wanderers, Nico and Kat, will show you the city from an intimate, local perspective.

Bicilona organizes tours all over Catalonia, including Sitges, Girona, and the Costa Brava. They offer to help you create a custom tour. You can opt for a regular bike or an easy to ride “fixie” bike.

3. Montserrat

The scenic mountains and bird’s eye view from the Montserrat mountain top make it a coveted destination for travel photographers. Take the train from Plaça Espanya; combination ticket includes train and cable car round trip for €23.

Check out the stairway to heaven, the farmer’s market, and the monastery, which is free and home to the “Black Virgin” statue which travelers touch for good luck. Take the 4-hour hike up 1236 m high Sant Jeroni for amazing views.

4. The George Payne

The George Payne might be the best, biggest Irish bar in Barcelona. They do great drink specials for groups and then make you sing karaoke. They have a few big screens, and travelers from all over gather to watch soccer in the summer.

5. Euskal Etxea Taberna

Mingle with other travelers while sampling pintxos, an iconic snack spiked on a toothpick. Euskal Etxea has dozens of different pintxos on display. When you are done eating, you pay based on how many toothpicks you’ve accumulated. There are a few Euskal Etxea locations in town. I recommend the one by the Picasso Museum. Form a friendship with another traveler and get a glass of cava at El Xampanyet across the street.

6. Plaça Reial

Picasso’s old stomping grounds and the most scenic plaza in town, you’ll inevitably be drawn to Plaça Reial at some point. A favorite pastime for travelers is to grab a couple beers and hang out around the fountain. The square is lined up with bars, clubs, and restaurants, so you can make a night out of it. I do have to advise you to keep an eye on your wallet because pickpocket culture is prevalent in Barcelona. At Plaça Reial, you’ll often see street performers doing crazy stunts in the evening to entertain travelers and make some pocket money.

Check out some of the clubs around — Sidecar, Jamboree, Roma Reial. They are all full of travelers.

7. Factory Gardens Hostel

Factory Gardens is my favorite hostel in town, and that means a lot because I am definitely not the hostel type. It’s full of travelers from all over the world and has a super tranquil, big backyard where everyone hangs out. The spot feels incredible in summer — cool and peaceful as if you’ve escaped the city. Travelers who stay here often hang out in groups and go explore the city together. You’ve got Casa Milà right around the corner, so grab your friends and go explore Gaudi’s architecture.

8. Razzmatazz and Apolo

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Photo: Razzmatazz

Barcelona is renowned for its nightlife. Two clubs worth experiencing are Razz and Apolo. Both are large, with various levels playing different music genres. They are both unpretentious, so go ahead and throw that plaid shirt on. Razzmatazz attracts a lot of Erasmus students and international visitors who appreciate obscure house music. Apollo is favored by both locals and travelers, providing the perfect chance for debuting new fashion trends. There is a theme party every day – Nasty Mondays, Crappy Tuesdays, etc. You can catch many live performances at both clubs.

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