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8 Fears Only Rhode Islanders Understand

Rhode Island Culture
by You Gotta Love Rhode Island Oct 13, 2017

1. Parking in the Providence Place Mall parking garage.

If you can find your way in, good luck finding your way out. To say this parking garage is confusing is an understatement. There are cones, barriers, and signs that don’t make any sense. And if you’re lucky enough to find your way out, you’d better hope you remember to pay for your parking at one of the kiosks in the mall.

2. People who think we’re part of New York.

We’re small, but we are still a state. We dread nothing more than having to explain to people that we’re not a part of New York or an island off the coast of Long Island.

3. Our tax dollars being spent on anything.

Ever since our state helped fund a failed video game company for baseball Hall of Famer Curt Schilling, Rhode Islanders have been afraid to have our tax dollars used to build or invest in anything, including energy resources, transportation, hotels, and baseball stadiums.

4. Beach traffic.

Being stuck in traffic for 2 hours to relax on the beach is totally worth it, but we sure would rather avoid it if we could.

5. Finding a parking spot downtown.

When Rhode Islanders find a spot in downtown Providence, they stay in it for the day.

6. Missing the Block Island ferry.

The ferry does not wait for anyone and nothing ruins a fun day in the sun more than waiting on the dock for the next ferry or being stuck on the island til morning.

7. The Department of Motor Vehicles.

Horror stories of going to the Department of Motor Vehicles or Registry of Motor Vehicles are legendary in most states, but none are worse than Rhode Island’s. Here, you pack a lunch and prepare yourself to spend the entire day waiting for your number to be called. And, as if the old computer systems and slow workers weren’t enough to deal with, you’ll be lucky to find a place to sit on the benches. If you do, you can guarantee the person next to you hasn’t showered in days.

8. Someone stealing our parking spot after a snowstorm.

It’s bad enough on a regular day, but once the plow pushes the snow into piles on the side streets, it’s a battle to find a place to park outside of your own house. Save your spot by putting lawn chairs, garbage cans, or other items in your spot so no one else will park there.

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