A big part of the allure of traveling to new places is trying new things, and that includes new food. Sometimes, the food and drinks are the inspiration for the entire trip. And while it’s easy to Google which restaurants and bars a city is famous for, every town has a few hide-and-seek spots you wouldn’t want to miss.

With routes traversing the entire country, Greyhound can take you to foodie destinations both big and small, usually dropping you right in the center of the city, ready to explore. To help get you started planning your next consumable-based expedition, here’s our list of eight great food and drink experiences across the US you’ve probably never heard of before.

1. Detroit, MI — The Raven Lounge

Michigan’s oldest blues bar, The Raven Lounge is a late-night soul food restaurant and live music venue at the corner of Chene and Farnsworth. It’s a 10-minute Uber ride from the Howard Street Greyhound Station, and you’ll be glad you sought out this unpretentious little spot as soon as your food hits the table and the band starts to play. Regulars rave about the perch and shrimp dinners and — for late-night snacks — the a la carte sides of black-eyed peas and mac & cheese. Open Thursday through Saturday, 9pm to 2am.

2. St. Louis, MO — BLT’s – Breakfast, Lunch and Tacos

BLT’s – Breakfast, Lunch and Tacos is in the middle of downtown St. Louis at 626 N 6th St. From the Greyhound station on S 15th, you can make the trip on foot in under 30 minutes, or grab one of the city’s bike or scooter rentals to cut the time in half. No matter what manner of transport you choose, the journey culminates with fast, fresh food that marries the flavors of the West, Midwest, and Southwest.

Of particular note is the Wash Ave BLA, which is BLT’s take on the BLT (you follow?). The BLA starts with a croissant spread with apple butter, then piles on brie, walnut molasses bacon, lettuce, and apples. We’ve been assured it’s totally normal to ask this sandwich to marry you.

3. Philadelphia, PA — Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse

You don’t need to be a hardcore comic book fan to make the 15-minute trip from Greyhound’s Filbert Street Station to Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood. Equal parts comic shop and coffeehouse, Amalgam is a celebration of all things geekdom. Owner Ariell Johnson conceived of the space while she was a student at Temple University. Thirteen years later, Amalgam opened its doors and became one of the first comic shops owned by a black woman on the East Coast.

Serving freshly baked cookies and other baked goods alongside Philly Fair Trade Coffee, Amalgam is open until 8pm Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm on Sundays. Check their events page for details on their Nerdy by Nature open mic nights and other clubs, meetups, and special events.

4. Hartford, CT — The Rockin Chicken

8 great food and drink experiences in the US you’ve never heard of

Photo: Cheyney Barrieau/The Rockin Chicken

Get off the Greyhound at Union Station and hop a 10-minute cab ride south to The Rockin Chicken, a family-owned restaurant serving authentic Peruvian food Tuesday-Sunday, 11:30am-9pm. The entire menu is enough to make you want to move in so you can take all your meals from the Franklin Ave dining room, but the charcoal rotisserie chicken is the menu’s standout star. Marinated in a “secret” family recipe for 24 hours before being cooked in a charcoal rotisserie straight from Peru, it’s the kind of chicken that makes Sandor Cleganes of us all.

5. Savannah, GA — Masada Cafe at the United House of Prayer

There’s no shortage of soul food restaurants in the Savannah Historic District. According to locals and tourists alike, though, you haven’t tasted the best of them until you make your way to West Savannah’s Masada Cafe at the United House of Prayer, a six-minute car ride (or 30-minute walk) from the Oglethorpe Ave. Greyhound station.

This cafeteria-style spot is run by the church and features a rotating menu of Southern favorites like fried chicken, meatloaf, and oxtails. While neither the cafe nor the church has a website, their Yelp reviews show that said locals and tourists still find them serving up some of the best food in the South every weekend, and it never disappoints. Open Saturday 11-6pm and Sunday 11-5pm.

6. Houston, TX — Taste Bar + Kitchen

Chef Don Bowie and entrepreneur Kevin Kelley’s Taste Bar + Kitchen is a casual dining venue with a comfort food focus. Just a quick walk from the South Main Street Greyhound Station, this spot has an extensive chicken and waffles menu as well as a selection of “elevated” mac & cheese dishes.

The dessert-inspired craft cocktail menu features drinks like Bourbon Pecan Pie and Vodka Peach Cobbler, and they’re both just as good as they sound. Reservations are required for parties of six or more, and we personally recommend them for parties of any size if you don’t want to miss out on the best thing to happen to waffles since whipped cream.

7. Norfolk, VA — Cogan’s Pizza

Cogan’s vegan-BBQ-chicken pizza is the kind of pizza you dream about for weeks or even months after eating it. The dreams don’t stop — not ever — until they’re sated by another trip to Cogan’s.

It’s not just for vegans, of course. They have a full menu of pizza and pizza-adjacent fare, an expansive bar menu, and three Norfolk locations. The Waterside spot is closest to the Monticello Ave Greyhound Station but offers a limited menu. For the full restaurant and bar menu, head to Cogan’s North on Colley Ave or the Ghent location on Colonial Ave.

8. Portland, OR — MAC’D

8 great food and drink experiences in the US you’ve never heard of

Photo: SiSi Shan/MAC’D Portland

MAC’D Portland is a mac & cheese pickup window on SE McLoughlin Blvd, just over 10 minutes from the 6th Avenue Greyhound station by car or under 30 by bicycle. The build-your-own mac & cheese spot lets you customize your dish with anything on the MAC’D list of ingredients, which includes six cheese sauces, 15 mix-ins, and a selection of toppings.

There’s some outdoor seating and a small beverage menu with beer by the pitcher, pint, or bottle. But you’re likely to be far too entranced by your meal to worry about trivial things like “sitting down,” or “getting a drink,” or “at least use a fork instead of sticking your face in the bowl. Please? It’s distracting.” There are no worries. There is only MAC’D now.