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The 9 Most Dog-Friendly Hotel Chains

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by Rebecca Hollman Aug 9, 2018

A trip isn’t the same without your loyal pet by your side. Whether you’re going on an extended road trip, a weekend getaway with the family, or even a quick business trip, you now have the option of bringing your best friend with you. These 12 hotel brands are making it easier and more affordable to bring your dog, your cat, or even your lizard, with you when you leave home. So forget about doggy daycare or finding a pet sitter while you’re away — just pack up their leash and treats.

Budget hotels

1. Red Roof Inn

With more than 500 locations throughout North America, Red Roof Inn takes being pet-friendly to the next level. Not only do they not charge you extra for your pet, but they actually give you a 10 percent discount off your room (make sure you mention your pet when booking). You’ll find Red Roof Inn primarily in the Midwest, South, and East Coast.


  • Limit of one pet per room.
  • Pets must be declared during guest registration
  • Pets must be leashed when outside of room
  • Do not leave pets alone in room

Fees: Free for one pet

2. La Quinta

La Quinta is moderately-priced hotel chain with over 900 locations across the United States. La Quinta also has locations in Mexico, Honduras, and Canada. Almost all of these locations are pet friendly: only 10 of the 900 locations charge a per-night pet fee.


  • No pets over 50 pounds
  • Pets must be crated (or have their owner present) during room cleaning services
  • Each hotel location has its own policy about the number of pets allowed per room

Fees: Free

3. Motel 6

Motel 6 has over 1,400 locations in North America and every single one of them is pet friendly and doesn’t charge extra for pets. Although the accommodation at Motel 6 is very basic, you can’t beat their pet policies. Motel 6 also operates the brand Studio 6, which is an extended-stay hotel that charges a $10 pet fee per night.


  • No restrictions on pet size
  • Limit of two pets per room

Fees: Free but the Studio 6 branded hotels charge a $10 pet fee per night

4. Quality Inn

Quality Inn is a mid-range chain of hotels throughout North America, and a subsidiary of the Choice Hotels brand. All Choice Hotel brands are pet-friendly but most have strict policies and a pet fee per night. Quality Inn has some locations with no pet fees, but the policies and fees vary by location. Although most Choice Hotels charge a pet fee, the fact that they allow up to three pets per room combined with the abundance of locations makes it a good option if you’re in a bind.


  • Limit of three pets per room
  • No pets over 50 pounds
  • Pets may not be left alone in the room unless in a cage
  • Veterinarian certificates aren’t required

Fees: Varies by location — call hotel for current policies

High-end hotels

1. Westin and W Hotels

Westin is an upscale hotel chain owned and operated by Marriott International. 125 of the 150 Westin locations are pet friendly, but here’s the real kicker: all guests checking in with dogs will receive a welcome gift filled with pet goodies. Special pet amenities at these hotels include pet beds, floor mats, and food bowls.

W Hotels is another brand operated by Marriott International that is similar to Westin, but W Hotels target a younger demographic. The same pet policy rules and fees apply to W Hotel locations. Each brand under the Marriott umbrella is pet friendly but some do charge a small pet fee per night.


  • Weight limit is 40 pounds (heavier pets will require permission from the hotel manager)
  • Only one pet is allowed per room

Fees: Some locations may require an extra charge per night or a deposit — call the hotel to determine each location’s policies

2. Four Seasons

Four Seasons is an international luxury hotel brand with over 100 locations worldwide. Not all Four Seasons locations accept pets, but the locations that do will make sure you and your pet’s stay will be free and memorable. Their pet services include pet beds, water and food bowls, piddle pads, and a pet-friendly concierge with information about nearby dog parks, walking routes, and more.


  • Maximum of two pets per room
  • Pets must be kept on a leash unless in the guest’s room
  • Pets are not allowed in health club or pool areas
  • Pets must not be left unattended
  • Small pets only (under 15 lbs)

Fees: Free


1. Loews Hotels

Loews is a luxury hospitality and hotel company with 24 locations across the US and Canada. All are located in large, popular cities including San Francisco, Chicago, Montreal, Los Angeles, and New York City. Their signature “Loews Loves Pets” program provides personalized services to accompany traveling owners and pets, including specialized bedding for dogs and cats, complimentary treats and toys, placemats with food and water bowls for every room, and extra pet cleaning procedures during room cleaning services. The concierge has a list of dog walking routes at the hotel along with nearby veterinarians, pet shops, pet sitters, pet-friendly restaurants, and other useful information. Loews also offers pet-walking and sitting services, room service menu items specifically for your pet, and an onsite store with essential pet items such as leashes and toys.


  • Limit of two pets per room
  • Pets need proof of vaccinations

Fees: Fees vary by location — call each location to check fees and policies

2. Aloft Hotels

Aloft Hotels flies under the Starwood Hotels & Resorts banner. You’ll find them both in the States and internationally, typically in city centers and in close proximity to major airports. Aloft is known for its unique and modern architecture and interior design, making it a high-end contemporary hotel chain. 101 of their 169 North American locations are pet friendly, offering their “arf” program for their guests traveling with pets. Perks include special pet beds, food and water bowls, and a doggie bag with treats and toys.


  • Limit of two pets per room
  • 40 pound weight restriction (guests with larger dogs and other pets can call the hotel directly to discuss options)

Fees: Free at most locations but policies can vary — call each location directly to double check pet fees and policies

3. Kimpton

Kimpton Hotels is based out of San Francisco, California and has 65 locations, mostly in the US. However, the brand has a few international locations, including Amsterdam, Taiwan, and the Cayman Islands. Kimpton is known for specifically catering to pets. Their hotels allow both dogs and cats, and some locations even allow other animals — so your pet rabbit may even be able to come along for the ride. Kimpton offers special packages for traveling pet owners, including pet beds, food and water bowls, mats, and courtesy bags for when you’re walking your dogs.


  • No weight limit
  • No limit of number of pets
  • Any type of pets are allowed

Fees: Free

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