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9 Signs Winter Is Coming in Wisconsin

by Sarah Puckett Oct 29, 2018

Wisconsin winters are notoriously frigid. With snow on the ground from October to March and temperatures regularly sitting far below zero, every Wisconsinite must prepare themselves for winter. Here are nine ways you can tell winter is coming in Wisconsin.

1. It’s the first week in October and it’s snowing.

Fall has barely officially started, and last weekend, it was 65 degrees and sunny. Today, though, snow flurries dust the town in white. It melts quickly, but we all know it’s a harbinger of the months to come.

2. You wear two pairs of pants and three jackets to walk to the bar.

Below-freezing temperatures won’t keep a Wisconsinite away from the bar. With layers of long underwear beneath your pants and two winter coats over your fleece, you’ll be ready to trudge through any amount of snow and ice to get to the local pub.

3. It’s football season.

A Wisconsinite’s favorite aspect of winter is football season. After all, if you haven’t frozen your butt off at a Packers game at Lambeau Field, is it even really winter?

4. It’s time to get the ice fishing shack ready.

A good ice fishing shack needs a heater, a TV, and plenty of space for beer.

5. You make plans for the opening weekend of hunting season.

Regardless if you hunt or don’t hunt, you’ll likely have some sort of hunting-related activity planned. Whether it’s setting up a tree to spot deer or attending the oh-so-glamorous Hunter’s Ball, hunting talk is a surefire sign that winter is right around the corner.

6. It’s September and you just turned the heat on in your home.

It’s already cold outside, so you’ve kicked on the furnace. And you won’t turn it off until April.

7. The salt marks on your boots remind you to waterproof them before it’s too late.

No one likes walking down a snow-covered street only to find their shoes stained white with salt. Better use some waterproof spray on them now before winter really arrives.

8. You’ve picked out a weather-appropriate Halloween costume.

There’s no such thing as a “sexy nurse” costume in Wisconsin.

9. It seems like the cornfields went from green to gone in a weekend.

Winter comes overnight in Wisconsin. You better be ready, because once the corn is gone, there’s no turning back.

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