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These Adorable, Mobile Tiny Homes Will Inspire You to Hit the Road

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by Tim Wenger Jun 6, 2018

Having a tiny home doesn’t mean you have to be confined to one spot. Although the web is full of photos and video tutorials about creating and living in refurbished shipping containers and small-scale homes of all kinds, these creative tiny home dwellers got a bit more creative and figured out how to combine their tiny home dreams with wanderlust — and the results will have you yearning for a mobile life on the road.

Best Little House in Texas

Cody and Randi Hennigan, the couple behind @bestlittlehouseintexas built their mobile home to withstand both summer and winter traveling. They crafted their tiny house atop a trailer and have road-tripped it across the United States and Canada.

Their setup allows the couple to situate their home in a semi-permanent fashion, complete with a porch and steps out front, but it’s trailer-bound build allows for relocation whenever necessary.

Tiny House Giant Journey

Jenna from @tinyhousegiantjourney is somewhat of a legend in the tiny house movement, and her story is inspirational on a number of levels — primarily because she up and did what we all want to do: quit our job to travel the world.

She left her job in 2013 and built her tiny house on wheels from scratch. She’s since been all across North America, Alaska included, and documents her entire journey on her website.

Tiny House Expedition

Alexis and Christian at @tinyhouseexpedition built a home with a bit of a rustic vibe. They’ve traveled over 47,000 miles in their tiny home over the course of three years, hosting events, meetups, and educational sessions along to the way to inspire others to do the same.

The couple is also working on a 3-part documentary series about tiny house living, logistics, and legality, which you can check out here. They even have the perfect porch for chilling out.

Living Big in a Tiny House

@livingbiginatinyhouse is one of our favorite sources for in-depth how-to’s on designing, building, and living in a tiny home on the road.

Host Bryce Langston conducts walk-thrus of projects as they happen, offering tricks of the trade and outlining models for getting started. He features a variety of projects from around the world, including tiny houseboats for waterbound travel.

Twenty Something and Tiny

It’s easy to feel frustrated as you look at these completed projects, and think that you’d never be able to achieve the same. If you need a bit of extra push to get started, or at least want to peek into the building process as it happens, check out @twentysomethingandtiny.

Heather and Kade are documenting the building process of their tiny home, which they hope to complete this summer. Their blog and Instagram channel highlight the highs and lows of the building process, and get you excited about the experiences to come.

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