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5 Travel Companies Using AI to Create Better, More Personalized Trips

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by Tim Wenger Apr 25, 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the travel experience by providing personalized and efficient services. With AI-powered chatbots like GuideGeek, travelers can get immediate assistance when looking for the best places to go, see, eat, and do — as well as help with booking flights, hotels, and car rentals.

Yet in-the-moment trip planning isn’t the only way that AI is reshaping the way people travel. AI can help streamline airport security through facial recognition technology, making the entire check-in process faster and smoother. AI-powered translation apps can bridge language barriers, while smart luggage can help prevent lost bags. Additionally, AI-powered travel recommendation engines can suggest destinations and activities based on travelers’ preferences and past trips.

Overall, AI is changing the way we travel by enhancing convenience, safety, and personalization. These companies are at the forefront, harnessing this new technology as it develops to streamline the travel experience.


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Recently launched by Matador Network, GuideGeek is a personalized AI travel assistant that’s revolutionizing the way people plan their travels. GuideGeek uses cutting-edge AI technology to offer highly customized travel options to its users, making it the perfect tool for any traveler. It’s even being used to plan the perfect date night in places like Mexico City. By chatting with GuideGeek on WhatsApp, you can instantly find and customize your travel plans with features such as hotel and Airbnb recommendations, restaurant and bar suggestions, and personalized itineraries.

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Expedia has developed an AI-powered travel booking tool to help streamline and enhance the travel booking experience for users. The tool uses machine learning algorithms to personalize travel recommendations and make smarter booking suggestions based on a user’s search history, preferences, and other inputted information.

The tool can also anticipate potential issues that could arise during a trip and proactively provide solutions to minimize disruptions. For example, if a flight delay or cancellation is predicted based on weather forecasts or historical data, the tool may suggest alternative transportation options or accommodations.

Expedia Powered by AI also incorporates natural language processing technology, which allows users to communicate with the tool using natural language commands and receive relevant travel recommendations in real time. This feature makes the booking process faster and easier for users who may not have the time or expertise to navigate complex travel planning tools without assistance.

Google Maps

Google Maps uses AI and machine learning to improve its accuracy and reliability on one of the most-used map apps in the world. This is done by using text recognition to identify information like business names and street names in Street View imagery. The text recognition systems can tune out distractions and detect text even when it’s handwritten or abbreviated. This helps Google Maps quickly and accurately create high-quality maps even in places that aren’t frequently traveled. Additionally, Google Maps uses algorithmic detection of businesses to ensure up-to-date information on places of interest by extracting details about a business from its web page. This information is then used to update the business’s information on Google Maps.


Kayak’s AI-powered price prediction model for flights is an advanced technological system that considers millions of flight searches and analyses search parameters to anticipate the likelihood of a route’s fare fluctuation. The model develops price forecasts using historical flight data from billions of flight searches and then generates predictions by utilizing algorithmic and mathematical models. The predictions are derived from Kayak’s past search history, and therefore are not entirely perfect, but they have a high likelihood of accuracy. The system works by recommending whether a user should book a flight now or wait, based on the probability of a price change.


Duve is an AI-powered solution launching soon that will allow hoteliers and hosts to quickly and effectively interact with their guests. With DuveAI, you can simplify customer service inquiries to hotels and they can do the same with their response. The tool automatically analyzes every incoming message and summarizes it into one snapshot, giving hotels a big picture of the overall message you sent. By using OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4, Duve is making communication smoother and more personalized, allowing the responses to common questions to continually improve, and giving you as the guest prompter answers to your questions. It’s kind of like those chat bots that already appear on thousands of business websites, but more powerful (because it’s powered by ChatGPT) and optimized specifically for hotels.


Let’s say you have a big trip planned that will keep you away from home for a couple of months. While you’re gone, you want to rent the property to cover costs and help you fund your travels. Breezeway is a property care, operations, and messaging platform that offers some powerful artificial intelligence features to assist with its services. The platform uses ChatGPT to power its automation features, including Assist AI, which combines generative AI with deep property profiles to take automation to the next level. With Breezeway AI, you can coordinate, communicate, and verify all the work done at your rental properties with ease.

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