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Airbnb Is Giving This 89-Year-Old Grandmother on a Quest to See All US National Parks a Free Trip to Hawaii

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by Eben Diskin Aug 21, 2019

Sometimes when you’re struggling to cross off a bucket list item, you just need to bring it to the attention of the right people. In this case, an 89-year-old woman is getting a free trip to Hawaii, courtesy of Airbnb.

Brad Ryan and his grandma Joy have made headlines for traveling to 29 national parks together, with the intention of eventually visiting all 61. The journey began when the two were having a conversation, wherein grandma Joy revealed she had never seen a mountain range before. That sparked their trip to the Great Smoky Mountains, and they haven’t looked back since.

The duo’s adventures throughout the country caught the attention of big news outlets, which caught the eye of Airbnb. The accommodation rental company wanted to make Joy’s goal a bit easier to achieve so it retweeted a CNN story covering the pair and said, “500 likes and we’ll send grandma to Hawaii.”

Five hundred likes isn’t exactly insurmountable, so, as expected, the tweet received over 500 likes within the hour. “Well… that was fast!” Airbnb replied. “Grandma, we’ll be seeing you in Hawaii very soon.”

In an email to Matador Network, Airbnb revealed that they’re still waiting for Joy to take them up on the offer, but we have a hunch she’ll be in touch pretty soon.

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