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Airbnb Suspends New York City Host Who Claimed COVID-19 Immunity

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by Eben Diskin Jun 12, 2020

Much is still unknown about coronavirus immunity, but some people are treating their positive antibody tests like a certificate of immortality. Martin Eaton, a Brooklyn Airbnb host who tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, took it a bit too far, declaring him an “IMMUNE HOST” in the title of his “Williamsburg Penthouse Guestroom” listing. Due to Eaton’s description of himself, Airbnb suspended his account.

Before the listing was taken down, Eaton, a 48-year-old writer, told The Guardian, “If I was having to travel, I’d prefer staying with somebody who had the antibodies versus somebody who didn’t. It’s proved pretty successful.”

Since there is no evidence that antibodies make you immune to the virus, however, using a negative antibody test to claim your property as virus-free is not accurate.

Eaton told The New York Post, “[My] account was suspended. I spoke to their basic customer service and they said it was being blocked from taking reservations … I couldn’t say I had antibodies in my title or description.”

He doubtless thought his antibodies would give travelers more peace of mind before booking with him, but according to Airbnb’s content policy, any COVID-19 reference is prohibited in listings. “Airbnb hosts may not reference COVID-19, coronavirus or quarantine in listing titles,” the policy says, nor can they promise “that hosts or listings are not impacted by or exposed to COVID-19.”

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