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New Study Found the Best, and Worst, Airport WiFi in North America

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by Jori Ayers Mar 14, 2024

WiFi has come a long way. In the past decade, it’s gone from a nice-to-have amenity that was more often riddled with issues like online security, reliability, and speed. Today, reliable WiFi is standard at hotels and Airbnbs, as well as some restaurants. One of the areas when WiFi is deeply needed and has gone from never use to surprisingly dependable? Airports.

That said, not all airport WiFi is made equal.

To determine which airports have the best and the worst WiFi, Electronics Hub collected reviews of airports from (Skytrax) and examined which international airports over performed and which flopped. The company also looked at the WiFi performance on specific airlines.

The best, and worst, WiFi on United States airlines

  1. Alaska Airlines: 2.41
  2. Jetblue Airways: 2.39
  3. Delta Airlines: 2.32
  4. Southwest Airlines: 2.27
  5. United Airlines: 1.79
  6. American Airlines: 1.69
  7. Breeze Airlines: 1.45
  8. Spirit Airlines: 1.11

The best airport WiFi in North America

  1. Indianapolis Airport: 4.00
  2. Portland Airport: 3.82
  3. Vancouver Airport: 3.54
  4. Tampa Airport: 3.41
  5. Minneapolis St Paul Airport: 3.38
  6. Raleigh-Durham Airport: 3.21
  7. San Francisco Airport: 3.18
  8. Detroit Airport: 3.18
  9. Fort Myers Airport: 3.18
  10. Calgary Airport: 3.09

The worst airport WiFi in North America

  1. Panama Tocumen Airport: 1.54
  2. Mexico City Airport: 1.63
  3. Montego Bay Airport: 1.65
  4. Cancun Airport: 1.73
  5. Punta Cana Airport: 1.75
  6. Havana Airport: 1.90
  7. Honolulu Airport: 1.94
  8. Newark Airport: 1.97
  9. New Orleans Airport: 2.03
  10. Miami Airport: 2.08

Hoping on the WiFi seems simple, but remember to be aware and stay safe while accessing the WiFi at different airports. Always remember to do these things: Double-check before you connect, utilize a VPN for added security, transform into a WiFi hotspot, keep your security software up-to-date, and be vigilant with what you look up and the apps you use.

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