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Alaska Airlines Parodied 1980s ‘Safety Dance’ Song in Priceless Music Video

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by Eben Diskin Dec 14, 2020

Airlines have been heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but now that it’s been deemed safe to fly, people are getting on airplanes in large numbers again. To make sure that all passengers and crew on Alaska Airlines know the rules for flying during the pandemic and respect them, the airlines has created an hilarious music video parodying 1980s song “Safety Dance.”

All those involved in the video are Alaska Airlines employees were selected based on their ability and willingness to dance, workgroups, and leader nominations, and they learned the choreography at home before filming.

Natalie, a Horizon Air flight attendant in Seattle who participated in the making of the video, said in a blog post, “From the director, to the choreography, the cameras, the music, makeup and hair artists and so on it was like being on the set of a movie. Everyday was filled with excitement and anticipation. It was very professional, well organized and definitely on my top 10 things in life that I have been a part of.”

Michael, a ground service agent at Horizon Air, said, “I’ve never danced before in my life. I focused on working hard at rehearsal and doing my best to keep up. I kept practicing the moves in order to successfully pull this all off.”

Hopefully people aren’t too distracted by the epic dance moves to actually pay attention to the safety message, which includes wear your mask, wash your hands, and trust the airline’s cleaning protocol and air filters.

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