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Epic Utah Resort Opened a Hair-Raising Stairway 400 Feet Above the Desert

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Apr 9, 2021

Amangiri, the luxury Utah resort known for its stunning desert accommodation amid the rugged landscape, just debuted a steel stairway that ascends 400 feet above the ground. Named Cave Peak, it features 120 steps and is guaranteed to get guests’ hearts racing with views that stretch over canyons, mesas, ridges, and gorges.

The stairway was recently built as a new addition to the resort for 2021. While there are other suspension bridges on the property, Cave Peak is by far the most impressive and offers the most epic view of all. Those who conquer it will be rewarded with unparalleled panorama looking out to the vast desert.

The resort and area at large are favorite destinations for adventure travelers looking for heart-racing outdoor activities. The property spans across 600 acres and is located in Canyon Point, Utah, a short distance away from the Arizona border to the north. The property is home to many outstanding climbing locations including the Studhorse route, a 492-foot vertical climb in Studhorse Mesa, as well as the Skylight Arch that offers unobstructed views of Lake Powell.

Amangiri also has a huge range of other fun activities including Navajo-led tours of Monument Valley Tribal Park complete with storytelling, music, and dance sessions. They also have guided canoeing expeditions, where guests are able to explore the geological riches of the Colorado Plateau, as well as kayaking and paddleboarding on Lake Powell reservoir. For horseback enthusiasts, there are a myriad of trails among the desert canyons, and for those who prefer to enjoy the view from the comfort of an aircraft, the resort also runs helicopter, plane and hot air balloon trips.

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