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Antarctica Just Had Its Hottest Temperature on Record

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by Eben Diskin Feb 7, 2020

It’s not exactly new information that the world’s coldest climates are heating up at an alarming pace, but when Antarctica starts logging record temperatures, it’s certainly cause for concern. Indeed, it was just 64.94 degrees in Antarctica, its hottest temperature on record, beating the previous record of 63.5 degrees set in March 2015.

The reading was taken at Esperanza on the northern tip of Antarctica’s peninsula.

The new record is a sign that Antarctica’s peninsula, one of the fastest warming places on Earth, isn’t getting any cooler. Many of the region’s glaciers are melting. Professor James Renwick, a climate scientist at Victoria University of Wellington, told the Guardian, “Of course the record does need to be checked, but pending those checks, it’s a perfectly valid record and that [temperature] station is well maintained.”

Dr. Steve Rintoul, an oceanographer and Antarctic expert at CSIRO, echoed Renwick’s concert. “This is a record from only a single station, but it is in the context of what’s happening elsewhere and is more evidence that as the planet warms we get more warm records and fewer cold records.”

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