Photo: susantananda3/Twitter

Video Shows Thousands of Baby Turtles Heading to the Ocean on Empty Indian Beach

India Wildlife News
by Tim Wenger May 15, 2020

Few things are cuter than baby turtles. A video posted to Twitter by user Susanta Nanda IFS, a forest worker in the state of Odisha, India, confirms this beyond any doubt.

It’s baby turtle hatching season in Odisha, and the video captures thousands of tiny, young olive ridley turtles moving across a beach toward the ocean in broad daylight. If you needed a dose of stress relief to welcome the coming weekend, this is it.

Their timing could not have been better — the sun hangs in the horizon, creating a “golden hour” hue across the sand that illuminates the dark reptiles as they head toward their destiny.

What makes the video extra special is that this natural phenomenon, which occurs each spring, usually takes place at night. This year marked the first time in seven years that observers have witnessed the turtle journey during the day, but experts explain that the change of schedule has nothing to do with the current lockdowns that have left India’s beaches empty.

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