Photo: Matador Network/TikTok

This Wild Video of Base Jumping From Europe's Highest Bridge Will Leave You Breathless

by Matador Creators Jun 30, 2022

When construction of the Millau Viaduct finished in France in 2004, it’s hard to think that workers could imagine people willingly leaping off the side for fun. And yet the tallest bridge in Europe — and the second tallest in the world — draws base jumpers from all over who are looking to make the leap.

@matadornetwork The #ViaducDeMillau in #France is 1125 feet high 😬 🎥 @Antony Newton #basejump #bridgejump #basejumper ♬ original sound – Matador Network

The Millau Viaduct tops out at about 1,125 feet tall (the Eiffel Tower, for comparison, reaches 1,083 at the very tip). It’s an impressive sight even if you’re not base jumping. The bridge spans more than 8,000 feet long over the Tarn Valley and has only nine touch points holding the bridge up from the bottom. It’s also an important link: it’s a crucial connection on the route from Paris to the Mediterranean.

Peyre, a village known for its beauty, is nearby, as is the outdoor sports haven of Gorges du Tarn. But it’d be hard to focus on any of that with base jumpers taking the plunge off the edge, parachute at the ready.

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