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The 6 Best Alcohol-Free Trips to Take to Kickstart Your New Year

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by Rebecca Hughes Jan 8, 2019

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of overindulgence over Christmas, but as the new year dawns, we often find ourselves looking for something to help us re-energize. Cutting out alcohol is one of the best ways to feel instantly refreshed. Going teetotal increases energy levels, improves sleep, reduces depression, and revives lackluster skin and hair. But signing up for a “dry January” can be difficult without some encouragement and motivation. These alcohol-free trips will help you stick to your goal by offering calming natural environments, advice from health and fitness experts, and delicious nutritious alternatives to all that booze.

1. Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

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Absolute Sanctuary claims to be Asia’s leading wellness resort, and it is utterly idyllic. It’s located on the paradisiacal Koh Samui in a four-star hotel. There are various programs to choose from, all of which seem particularly apt for the new year, such as lifestyle change programs, weight management programs and, of course, detox programs. Meals at its “Love Kitchen” have all the hallmarks of a Michelin-starred restaurant but none of the unhealthy stuff.

$1,400 per person for a three-day detox program.

2. GI Jane Bootcamp, England

This women-only boot camp is for anyone left feeling a bit sluggish after Christmas and looking for a powerfully active way to start the new year. In addition to refraining from alcohol during the boot camp, participants partake in high-intensity physical training by experts. A week’s stay claims to ensure weight loss and emotional well-being, and while you should be prepared for some seriously challenging workouts, you’ll also have fun, a lot of laughs, and make some great friends. If you don’t fancy getting muddy in chilly January in Kent, there’s also camps in Thailand near the beach offered.

$1,257 per person for a week including accommodation and meals.

3. Shreyas Yoga Retreat, Bangalore

Shreyas is a boutique yoga retreat located just outside Bangalore, surrounded by nature, water, and its own organic gardens. It’s an alcohol-free center with wellness breaks that are focused on healing and rejuvenation, making it particularly appealing as a way to start 2019. Go all in with a Detox Package, which includes using yoga and naturopathy to cleanse the body from inside out. Diet is also essential to this process, and Shreyas’ menu includes plenty of fruit, vegetable juices, and salads. You’ll return home feeling thoroughly energized and toxin free.

$3,690 per person for a seven-night detox package.

4. The Detox Barn, England

The Detox Barn in Suffolk ticks all the new year retreat boxes: yoga, vegan food, juices, and absolutely no alcohol. In fact, it also cuts out sugar, dairy, and fish, and all ingredients used for meals are sourced from its garden. Plus, you’re signing up for a digital detox too, as no phones are allowed. To get you through the Instagram withdrawal symptoms, it offers daily yoga and meditation, walks in the countryside, massages, and reflexology. There are also demonstrations of how to make a great tasting smoothie so that you can continue your detox when you go back home.

$440 per person for a three-day reboot.

5. Santani Wellness Resort & Spa, Sri Lanka

Five-star luxury is definitely the right way to start 2019. While the interiors are all retro modern with subtle lighting, it’s the surrounding landscape that is truly top notch. The rooms and communal areas have all been oriented so you have continual breathtaking views of the vast, green valley full of rice fields and tea estates. When it comes to wellness packages, it’s all about personalization. Your current lifestyle, physical and emotional state, and goals are all taken into account when signing up for a Santani program. Plus, the food is specially created to wean you off cravings for toxic treats like alcohol and refined sugar.

Contact Santani for prices.

6. Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival, London

It’s hard to read the words “drinking festival” and not think of alcohol, but this London event will blow you away with the incredible mouth-watering array of non-alcoholic beverages on offer. It has alcohol-free everything, from gin to beer to cocktails, which are instead packed with refreshing fruits, vitamins, and superfoods. While you sip your hydrating drink, you can listen to inspiring talks about teetotal lifestyles, the benefits of sobriety, and even “happy hour yoga,” a special program that encourages you to get active rather than crack open a bottle. The Mindful Drinking Festival is held on January 12 and 13.

Entry is free.

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