Rebecca Hughes

Rebecca is a freelance travel writer currently living near Venice, and the author behind the travel website 'La Brutta Figura: Unlocking Italy'. She loves to seek out more unusual destinations in Italy, such as borghi (villages), churches in the countryside or unconventional restaurants. During her latest trip to Tuscany, she was rewarded with a borgo teetering on the edge of a gorge, a Romanesque church with cryptic carvings (including a siren, the symbol from which Starbucks' logo was derived), and dinner in an underground grotto. Her latest infatuation is for her light blue Vespa which she uses to potter around the serene Colli Euganei or to zip to the sea for a sunset aperitivo. Rebecca was born and grew up in bonnie Scotland's capital, Edinburgh. Prior to moving to Italy, she completed a degree in History of Art at Cambridge University, focusing on Italian art from the Medieval to the Baroque period, followed by a Masters at Edinburgh University, during which she wrote for the university’s travel and culture magazine.

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