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The 6 Best Intimacy and Sexual Retreats for Couples Around the World

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by Rebecca Hughes Jan 19, 2022

Strengthening your relationship has never been more alluring. These luxury sexual retreats around the world aim to build intimacy and communication between couples, using techniques varying from the ancient wisdom of Tantra, to fertile natural landscapes, to five days of complete darkness. They’re all about taking your relationship to the next level, both inside the bedroom and out. Here are six of the best couples intimacy workshops and sexual retreats from around the world, whether you’re looking to reconnect, spice things up, or just have a memorable vacation together — and a souvenir that’s actually worth something.

1. IntimacyMoons, Barbados

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There’s nothing like an idyllic beach setting and some Caribbean sun to help you relax, recharge, and connect with your partner. IntimacyMoons has a variety of couples’ retreats designed to foster communication, understanding, and intimacy in relationships. Group couple and private couple retreats are offered, which focus on everything from conflict resolution to exploring erotic fantasies, to gender role expectations. Sessions are held with founder Marissa Nelson, who is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a certified sex therapist.

Price: Four-day retreats start at $2,095 per couple.

2. Kim Anami Retreats, Bali and Mexico

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Weightlifter and sexpert Kim Anami offers six-day retreats in Bali and Mexico, where “life-shifting sex is the only thing on your agenda.” If that hasn’t had you clicking to book already, her Mexico Orgasmic Enlightenment retreat offers accommodation in palm-thatched cabins on the shore of Banderas Bay with sessions in sensual exploration, erotic inspiration and ‘wild exhilaration,’ while her Bali Bliss Retreat uses the land’s fertile energy to allow you to delve deep into your natural rhythms and find raw sensuality. You’ll practice sex-oriented yoga and meditation, learn erotic imagination techniques, and enjoy surprises like sex toys and housemade aphrodisiac truffles delivered to your suite.

Price: Six day retreats cost $8,000 (for singles) and $12,000 (for couples).

3. Wild Tantra Path of Awakening, the Netherlands

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This process of sensual awakening requires a fair bit of commitment from couples as it spans two years, with each retreat building on the previous one. Through eight different retreats, you use Tantra to journey along a path of sexual enlightenment. The program includes focusing on female and male orgasms, exploring kundalini energy and flow, and, at an advanced level, a five-day Darkness Retreat where light deprivation has dramatic effects on consciousness and perception.

Price: The full first year costs $3,157 and full second year $3,318.

4. Contemporary Tantra Workshop, Australia and Bali

Jacqueline Hellyer’s Contemporary Tantra retreats transport the ancient practices of Tantra into the modern world, claiming to combine ancient wisdom with modern therapeutic practices. Her Couples Bali Retreat, located at the Bambu Indah boutique eco-resort deep in the tropical hills of Bali, teaches sacred sexuality and the concepts and practices of Tantra to build spiritual and erotic connections between partners. You have three two-hour Lessons in Love per day including meditation and mindfulness, discussion, and sensual activities, plus ‘homework’ assignments. Couples also have a day excursion to an ancient temple to receive a blessing.

Price: The seven-day retreat costs $2,200 per couple plus accommodation.

5. Aqua Tantra: Expansion in the Elements, Mexico

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At the ocean-front retreat in the tropical paradise of Yelapa, Mexico, Ecstatic Living Institute offers a unique opportunity to reconnect with your body both in water and on land. With an emphasis on freeing the natural body, the retreat aims to expand consciousness, build self-confidence and teach trust in others, as well as offering ‘practical answers’ to daily life, relationships, and sexuality.

The five-day retreat costs $975 — $1,175 per person.

6. Intimacy Retreats, Florida and Costa Rica

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Aimed at couples in ‘relatively good, committed, and loving’ relationships, Intimacy Retreats offer a holistic approach to strengthening and improving relationships. Whether you choose Florida or Costa Rica, certified sexologist couple Diana and Richard Daffner provide Tantra lessons, yoga, and communication and trust workshops, with an emphasis on playfulness and laughter. During group sessions, you learn theories and principles, but you’re also given erotic ‘homeplay’ assignments for when you return to your private accommodation. There’s also a strong emphasis on being able to take away what you’ve learned and incorporate it into your daily life.

Price: Weekend retreats cost $695 per couple.

This article was last updated on January 19, 2022.

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