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The 8 Best Nude Beaches in the Caribbean

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by Matthew Meltzer May 20, 2022

Few travel experiences are as adventurous as nude sunbathing. It’s not exactly something most people choose to regularly do at home. And while it doesn’t have the adrenaline jolt of downhill skiing or whitewater rafting, it’ll get you out of your comfort zone faster than any extreme sport. You also don’t need to travel far to find beautiful places to sunbathe in the buff, as some Caribbean nude beaches are just a short flight away.

These eight nude beaches in the Caribbean may pique your curiosity on your next trip over.

1. Gouverneur Beach, St. Barts

Remote and private Gouverneur Beach on the French Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy (St Barts.)

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This secluded cove on the southern shore of St. Barts is one of the odd beaches on the island with no development nearby. That makes the white sand an ideal place for nude sunbathing, with nobody gawking from their hotel balconies. Reaching the turquoise water is an adventure in itself, as you’ll need to traverse a steep, narrow road to reach a viewpoint above the beach. Take in the scenery, then head down to the parking lot, through some trees, and on to the family section of the beach.

While this first section of Gouverneur Beach is great for kids and has world-class snorkeling, if you’re looking to disrobe you’ll need to turn right and keep going to the other end. Make sure you pack your sunscreen, as this beach has no amenities and the sun is strong — especially on parts where it doesn’t usually shine.

2. Hawksbill Beach, Antigua

Palm and Hawksbill Rock

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This beach, named after a beak-shaped rock, is actually a collection of four beaches set alongside the Hawksbill resort. While the beach is technically part of resort property, it is open to the public for sunbathing, clothed or otherwise. Other than the resort’s cottages dotting the shoreline, the beach feels completely secluded, tucked at the foot of deep green mountains with calm, powder blue waters. If you’re planning on tanning au naturel, make sure you do it at Eden Beach, the only one of the four that’s clothing optional. Most days it’ll be obvious, but if you show up on a slow day, definitely double check.

3. Pointe Tarare, Guadeloupe

Anse Terare and Pointe Tarare. Guadeloupe

Photo: photobeginnerShutterstock

Guadeloupe’s lone clothing optional beach is as far flung as it gets on the tip of Pointe de Chateaux on the southeastern shore of Grand Terre. It’s about a ten-minute drive from the marina at St. Francois, but feels a world away. Epic limestone cliffs sit just around a small point from this crescent-shaped beach, where thick tropical foliage and a couple of palm trees make the landscape seem completely deserted. Fortunately, you’re not as removed from civilization as you’d like to imagine, so if you’re hankering for a soda or a snack you need only go to the stands in Point Tarare’s parking lot to find them.

4. Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica

Photo: VIG-VamShutterstock

Obviously, not all of Seven Mile Beach is clothing optional, as much of it fronts family friendly resorts in tourist-filled Negril. The part we’re talking about, however, fronts the notorious Hedonism II, the world’s premiere “lifestyle” resort where guests openly stroll the sand, sans clothes.

Since the beach is open to the public, aspiring nude sunbathers can absolutely join in the tanline avoidance. Just try not to peek your head too far over the foliage to see what’s going on inside; Hedo guests value their privacy so lookieloos will be shooed away quickly. Still, it’s a chance to experience one of the most beautiful Caribbean nude beaches (and, frankly, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean overall) in a totally new way, and is worth the walk if you’re staying at another property nearby.

5. Orient Beach, St. Martin

prestine Orient Beach on Sanit Martin island

Photo: Zina SeletskayaShutterstock

Orient Beach is among the most popular on the French side of Saint Martin, as the northern section is home to the funky Perch Bar and the remains of the Club Orient Resort. But venture a little farther south and you’ll find the clothing optional section, where chair and umbrella rentals are readily available so you can nude sunbathe in the shade. The beach itself is a stunner, with classic Caribbean aquamarine waters and gentle surf, perfect for a little sunny skinny dipping — though you’ll need to watch out for kitesurfers who frequent the area.

Once you put your clothes on, you’re also a short walk to Orient Village, which offers a handful of newer beach bars as well as full-service restaurants. As Caribbean nude beaches go, few offer more than Orient, and it’s easily the best to plan a full day around.

6. Petit Anse de Salines, Martinique

Secluded Petite Anse des Salines on Sainte-Anne peninsula, Martinique

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The important thing to remember if you’re planning to visit this undeveloped beach in the southeast of Martinique is that most of the beach isn’t nude. The main beach, Anse de Salines, is a wide stretch of white sand with a thick forest and shady picnic tables near Big Salt Bay. While it’s never crowded, per se, it will be filled with more-clothed visitors (topless sunbathing is pretty common throughout the French Caribbean) so you’ll need to find one of the more remote stretches to bare all. Once you’ve found your spot, you’ll be practically alone with clear, turquoise waters and palm trees jutting out from the wilderness at peculiar angles. It’s a natural paradise in every sense, and so long as you don’t wander too far nobody will bother you.

7. Playa Suecas, Panama

Oriental cape of Contadora island (playa Suecas), archipelago Las Perlas, Panama

Photo: Olena BolotovaShutterstock

The only nude beach in Panama is set far from the mainland, on the southeast corner of Contadora Island. “Swedish Beach” is bordered by rocks on both sides, part of the reason taking it all off feels less risky. You won’t find much other than some shady trees and dense foliage on Playa Suecas, but if deep-tan sand and bright blue waters are your beach ideals, then Playa Suecas is a dream. It’s not easy to find, though. You’ll have to head to the eastern end of nearby Playa Larga, wander through the breaks in the rocks, and set up shop a hundred or so yards away.

8. Anse de Grand Saline, St. Barts

Saint Barthelemy (St Barth, St. Barths or St. Barts), Caribbean Sea, French West Indies, April 14, 2015: aerial view and skyline of the south Saline beach and bay (Anse de Grande Saline)

Photo: NaeblysShutterstock

If you’re hiking to the natural pools at Grand Fond on the southern shore of St. Barth’s, meander a little farther down the coast and you’ll find this unexpected, uncrowded beach. It’s about as remote a spot as you can get on this luxe island, where if you’re there during the rainy season it appears as a sandy oasis at the end of a jungle. The green hills seem to drop straight down into the sea at Anse de Grand Saline, offering one of St. Bart’s most dramatic beachscapes. The area itself is pretty secluded, so pack lunch, water, or whatever else you might need. That said, if you’re willing to drop a car payment on lunch, L’Esprit is a short walk away.

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