The Best Places for Coffee and Work in Amsterdam

by Juan Buis May 25, 2017

I’ve been calling Amsterdam my home for six years now, and there’s still nothing quite like it. I recently switched to a freelance lifestyle — which means I’m often hanging out in a cafe.

Amsterdam has a great coffee culture — the city is riddled with amazing cafes. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find one that’s laptop-friendly. I’ve seen taped-off outlets, forced Wi-Fi resets and people bluntly asking if you could just stop using your computer.

It’s hard out there for a freelancer, so I’ve curated the best spots to get some work done in Amsterdam. My selection is based on a few simple rules:

  • You can connect to free, stable Wi-Fi
  • There are a decent amount of outlets to charge your device
  • More than enough seating that’s fit for working
  • Staff doesn’t bother you to buy something every couple of minutes

Monks Coffee Roasters

cafes for work amsterdam

Hasn’t even been open for a year and is already one of the best spots. Monks Coffee Roasters has very speedy internet, decently priced coffee, and a varied selection of food for breakfast and lunch.

Coffee Room

In classic Dutch tradition, Coffee Room is a cozy cafe where they give you a small cookie with your drink — a most welcome addition. Watch out for a few clearly-marked tables where you can’t put your laptop.


Bocca is a huge, tastefully decorated space that serves coffee from their in-house roasted coffee beans. Walk around the bar to the back for the long table that’s perfect for working.

Frederix Micro Roasters

Frederix Micro Roasters has a secret trick up its sleeve for making its milk-based coffees, which makes them the richest and creamiest in the business. In summer, the small terrace is shielded from the sun so you can easily bring your laptop outside.

White Label Coffee

This charming cafe in the west of the city has enough spots to land your laptop. Don’t miss out on their signature spappelsap — a funky mix of sparkling water and apple juice. White Label Coffee fills up quickly on weekends, so come early or miss out.

STACH Food Overtoom

This branch of the popular food market features a cafe that’s perfect for whipping out your laptop. Grab anything from the store, or order one of their stellar sandwiches.

The Hoxton

Located on one of the city’s most beautiful canals, The Hoxton is a hip hotel that also houses a spacious restaurant and cafe. Follow the stairs to the first floor for the best working spots. Closes at 1AM, so perfect for getting in some work at the end of the day.


Another hotel! This one, Volkshotel, is located in the east of the city, and especially well-equipped for working. To the right of the entrance you’ll find rows of workstations, while the bar to the left caters to your every need.

Coffee Company Oosterdokseiland

Most stores of this ubiquitous Dutch chain are too crowded, but this one next to Central Station hits all the right spots. Lots of natural light and a spacious interior make for a perfect working environment.

De Stadskantine

Freely translated as The City Cafeteria, this spot in the South has a number of high-quality, low-cost meals available all day. De Stadskantine has tons of window seats that are perfect for combining hard work with some premium people watching.

Starbucks The Bank

I know — Starbucks sucks. But this one’s different —it combines a unique interior with copious amounts of space to work and plugs everywhere. As one of the few stores in the world with a Clover machine, the coffee isn’t even that bad.

This article originally appeared on Medium and is republished here with permission. You can follow Juan Buis on Twitter.

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