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Here Are the Top 25 US Counties for Mushroom Foraging

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Jori Ayers
Sep 23, 2021

Whether you’re ready to grow, looking for magic mushrooms, or spicing up your culinary options, do not fret because mushroom foraging season is finally here.

Finding a good source is a priority when it comes to mushroom hunting. Where to find morel mushrooms or other shrooms is essential to this process, and the website moveBuddah just helped us out by revealing the top 25 US counties for mushroom foraging.

All findings in this data were gathered based on research-grade observations of fungi reported in iNaturalist, according to moveBuddah. On the data collected from iNatualist, moveBuddah sorted them by counties, fungi kingdom, and their genus psilocybe.

Top 25 US counties for mushroom foragers

  1. Alpine, CA
  2. Lane, OR
  3. Lake, MN
  4. Lincoln, OR
  5. San Miguel, CO
  6. Curry, OR
  7. Sitka, AK
  8. Charlevoix, MI
  9. King, WA
  10. Grant, WI
  11. Denver, CO
  12. Pacific, WA
  13. Alameda, CA
  14. Linn, IA
  15. Marion, OR
  16. Crawford, WI
  17. Chaffee, CO
  18. Washington, OR
  19. Wexford, MI
  20. Rockingham, NC
  21. Los Angeles, CA
  22. Bernalillo, NM
  23. San Diego, CA
  24. Santa Cruz, CA
  25. Skagway-Yakutat-Angoon, AK

Photo: moveBuddah

As you can see most of the top countries are in the Pacific Northwest. In that area, there is mostly cool weather, old-growth spots, and heavy annual rainfall, which are top climates where fungi grow.

Wetter areas and cooler climates aren’t the only places where you can grow and hunt for mushrooms. Dryer areas such as Los Angeles and Bernalillo County are still top areas to find mushrooms, and it’s also home to a lot of fungi enthusiasts who know their way around the desert.

For all the advanced mycophiles and psychonauts out there, for more information on mushrooming you can visit moveBuddah or check out the video below.

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