Airbnb’s list of the most-wishlisted stays in every state will have you dreaming of a vacation away from home. To enjoy several of these Airbnb properties without having to travel cross-country, we’ve compiled the most wishlisted, coolest Airbnbs in the Pacific Northwest and routed them for you in this handy road trip guide. Pack up and be ready to be awed because these stays are as unique as their views are picturesque. (And if you’d rather spend some time in the Midwest, we’ve got you covered there, too)

Here is a map covering the route of the most wish-listed Airbnbs in the Pacific Northwest:

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Underground Hygge — Orondo, Washington

The Underground Hygge hobbit hole is one of the coolest Airbnbs in the Pacific Northwest

Photo: Airbnb

Washington’s Underground Hygge is on nearly every list of epic Airbnbs. It’s easy to see why — you’ll feel like a hobbit, sleep like a sloth, and explore like a, well, hobbit on an epic quest on the property’s six available acres. It would be tough to make the argument that this home isn’t one of the most legendary Airbnb properties of all time. The fact that it’s located adjacent to the Columbia River Gorge and amongst the state’s most beautiful mountains only adds to its charm. Whether or not you are a Lord of the Rings fanatic, this hobbit house will have you ready to chill like Bilbo.

Two guests, one bedroom
Price: $400 per night

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Majestree at the Out n’ About Treehouse Treesort — Cave Junction, Oregon

Majestree at the Out n’ About Treehouse Treesort in the winter

Photo: Airbnb

After hanging out at the hobbit house, it’s time to quest down to Takilma, Oregon, for a high-up stay at the world’s premiere “treesort.” Oregon is one of the few places that have trees that could actually sustain such a concept, and the hosts of this property have taken full advantage of it. The Majestree is the grandest of accommodations on this road trip. You’ll have to ascent the spiral wraparound staircase to reach your elevated home. From there, you can peer into the forest and plot your journey out into the Redwoods. This property continues the Northwest’s theme of unique remote properties that put you close to nature, but are so engaging themselves that you may not even venture outside.

Six guests, three beds
Price: $277 per night

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Big Idaho Potato Hotel — Boise, Idaho

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel Airbnb

Photo: Airbnb/Otto Kitsinger/AP Images for Idaho Potato Commission

Hosted by the same Airbnb superstar as the Underground Hygge property, the Big Idaho Potato Hotel puts you inside the state’s most famous tuber — the potato. This property is actually made out of a six-ton potato that became so famous it went on tour to every state in the lower 48. It now welcomes travelers to its warm (and manicured) insides, with the added bonus of a silo-turned-spa right next door that you can use while here. This is a grand story of repurposing, and even though you can’t fry this spud up for dinner, you can eat fried spuds while inside this massive spud.

Two guests, one bedroom
Price: $207 per night

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Meadowlark Treehouse at Montana Treehouse Retreat — Columbia Falls, Montana

Meadowlark Treehouse Airbnb at Montana Treehouse Retreat near Glacier National Park

Photo: Airbnb

The second of two treehouses on this epic road trip to the coolest Airbnbs in the Pacific Northwest, the Meadowlark Treehouse is close to both Glacier National Park and Whitefish Mountain Resort. There is plenty of hiking nearby, but the views from the patio are so beautiful that you may want to stay on the property — from up there you’ll likely observe birds, deer, and other wildlife.

Four guests, one bedroom
Price: $499 per night

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