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A Los Cabos Resort's $600,000 'Billionaire Buyout' Lets Guests Have the Entire Property and Amenities to Themselves

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by Jori Ayers Feb 5, 2024

There’s luxury travel that the average person can save up for and splurge on, and then there’s the type of luxury that only the super rich can afford, like having an entire resort to yourself. The newly opened, 79-suite Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos is making the latter possible for anyone who has $600,000 to spend on a three-day vacation. And it’s all thanks to TikTok.

It all started with a set of viral TikToks that user @freedom_hustlers posted about his and his wife’s stay at the resort soon after it opened. Over a series of videos, he showed how it appeared that they were the only guests on the whole property for the majority of their stay.

@freedom_hustler Replying to @ FULL SERIES IN ORDER ALONE ON RESORT #freedom #babymoon #ivf #neveralone #resort #abandoned ♬ original sound – FREEDOM HUSTLER

At first, the couple thought it was a bit creepy. But by the end they said they felt “so lucky.” Turns out that they were able to experience the resort and all of its amenities without other guests because it was still in the early days of opening (and got to do so for the normal rates).

“During the soft opening phase of the resort, we chose to limit the number of suites available for booking for an intentionally exclusive experience,” Andreas Schmidt, Managing Director of Grand Velas Boutique and sister property Forbes Five Star Grand Velas Los Cabos, said in a statement. “Velas Resorts prides itself on offering the very best, not just in service, but also in food, accommodations, design, and experiences, so we opted for a gradual ramp up of the number of guests to ensure a vacation that surpasses expectations for any travelers who choose Velas Resorts whether they are our first guest or a repeat visitors years after opening.”

Grand Velas is playing off the experience with its Billionaire Buyout package. During the three-night stay, guests can experience a range of top-class amenities and have the resort to themselves:

  • Private helicopter arrival
  • Guests can choose from any of the 79 spacious suites with many in-room amenities like a jacuzzi, plunge pool, and more
  • Guests can dine at a restaurant run by chef Sidney Schutte, who has run a Michelin two-star restaurant, and experience a 10-course menu and wine pairing
  • Other food options include a private beach dinner and a 20-foot breakfast buffet
  • Take a journey on many different activities and adventures like whale watching, beach sports, tequila tasting, and more
  • Private sunset cruise aboard the resort’s 55-foot yacht
  • A memorable departure just like @freedom_hustler’s with waves from the entire hotel staff and a Mariachi band

During the stay, not only are guests taking part in the activities above, but they also have the luxury to switch and stay in a different room each night, and the hotel staff will pack and unpack your belongings each night.

The adults-only Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos opened in January 2024 and is the sister hotel of Grand Velas Los Cabos (the company’s third in Los Cabos). A stay like this, however, is unique to the newest property.

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