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A Bison Attacked a Woman in South Dakota After She Got Too Close to a Herd

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by Eben Diskin Aug 14, 2020

When park rules state that guests shouldn’t approach wildlife, you should probably listen. It can be tempting to flout those rules when a herd of bison appears by the roadside and you see a great photo opportunity, but what happened to this 54-year-old woman from Iowa proves that safety is more important than the perfect photo.

At Custer State Park in South Dakota, a woman was attacked by a bison when she defied park rules to get close enough for a photo.

The woman got off her motorcycle and walked over to the grass where a large herd was passing and sat close to the animals to take a picture of a mother bison and her calf. As she sat there, another bison charged the woman, hooked its horn on her jeans and tossed her around in the air. The woman was thrown out of her jeans and landed on the ground, and bystanders rushed to her side.

The incident was captured on camera by park visitor Jo Reed, who said in a Facebook post, “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO share this, so people understand they’re about to die when they confront an animal this powerful. Thankfully the ranger did not need to tranquilize the bison.”

According to Matt Snyder, the park’s superintendent, the woman sustained multiple wounds and was flown to a nearby hospital, where she was later released.

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