This Footage of the First Bison Calves to Be Born in This South Dakota State Park Is the Cutest Thing You'll See Today

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by Eben Diskin Apr 23, 2020

No matter what goes on for us humans, nature stays on its course. The bison herd at Custer State Park in South Dakota, for example, remains entirely undisturbed by COVID-19, and is just experiencing spring like it does every other year, by having its calves.

About a week ago, the first bison calves of 2020 were born in the park, and resource program manager Mark Hendrix is expecting that 475 of them will be born this year.

The peak for the birth of bison calves occurs at the end of April and the beginning of May, and you can see the adorable creatures with your own eyes by visiting the park responsibly.

Custer State Park’s 71,000 acres are open and still welcoming guests. According to Hendrix, “People can come throughout the day — that’s what’s great about bison, you can find them usually along the wildlife loop road. They’re going to be most active in the morning or at night.”

Spring is the breeding season for other animals, so in addition to bison, you can expect to see a fair share of elk calves, mule, deer, and prairie dogs. Guests are welcome to view the wildlife up close, but you’re advised to stay at least 100 yards away. And, of course, practice safe social distancing measures with other groups in the park.

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