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You Can Find Black-Owned Businesses Wherever You Are With the Help of This App

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by Jori Ayers Oct 7, 2021

more travelers are looking to better understand where their travel dollars are going, and apps are great resources to find minority-owned companies are on the rise. Enter the Blapp app, geared to travelers who want to discover Black-owned businesses when traveling, or in their own town.

Founder, Jon Laster, got the idea while traveling across the country for comedy tours. He wanted to seek out Black-owned businesses but had trouble identifying them through regular online searches.

Blapp is an e-commerce marketplace app that highlights black-owned businesses by location. According to Lonely Planet, Blapp works through its web-scraping technology to provide a consolidated and current repository of information from across the internet.

The information is then filtered in the app and organized into categories so users can easily navigate a city and find Black-owned restaurants, clothing stores, nail salons, hair salons, etc.

Blapp will give users a plethora of options to choose from. If a user is looking for places in New York, eateries like Amarachi located in Brooklyn Heights that serves African cuisines will be shown. For the sweet tooth, there is Happy Zoe Vegan Bakery that offers sweet vegan options. Or, shopping options like Brother Vellies, which sells handcrafted African-influenced fashion.

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