Map created by Reddit user Backforward24.

This Book Map of the World Will Open Up Your Literary Horizons

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by Morgane Croissant Mar 20, 2017

At Matador Network, we love books. We believe that literature is a way of traveling without leaving your home.

Like traveling, reading can broaden your knowledge of the world you live in and open up your mind to new concepts that you may otherwise never have encountered. Literature is also a way to walk in other people’s shoes for a few pages and better understand the variety of human experiences out there.

This book map of the world created by Reddit user Backforward24 is not going to please everyone (the choice for Spain is making waves in the comment section), but it is a great way for us all to learn about authors and books we would probably never have heard about. I have personally read very few African and Asian authors, so this map will allow me to diversify my reading list and open up my horizons.

book map of the world

Map created by Reddit user Backforward24.

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