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Bookings Are Open for This Fully Nude Caribbean Cruise in 2022

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by Eben Diskin Jan 11, 2021

Caribbean cruises might feel like a thing of the distant past right now, but cruise company Bare Necessities is already setting its sights on 2022. The nudist cruising company is launching a two-week-long, fully naked Caribbean cruise aboard the Carnival Pride in February 2022.

The ship will depart from Tampa, Florida, on February 13, 2022, and make stops in Panama, Colombia, Bonaire, Curaçao, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas before returning to Tampa 14 days later.

While at sea, passengers will not be required to wear any clothes — in fact, it’s discouraged to do so, except when arriving in ports. To drive home the point, the ship will be decorated with a range of nude art and classic statues, Inside Hook reported.

This cruise will be Bare Necessities’ 75th chartered voyages and its longest ever.

On its website, Bare Necessities explains, “Passengers have requested longer cruises and many have extended their vacation by taking an admittedly less fun textile cruise before or after our charter. European and Aussie travelers have said they want longer cruises to make flying across the pond or from down under truly worthwhile. This cruise is the answer to everyone who has said they wanted more! More time in the sun, more crystal clear warm water for skinny dipping, more interesting ports of call, more sea days to soak up some rays and more fun aboard a ship that is a passenger favorite: the sleek, fast, over-the-top Carnival Pride.”

Bookings for Carnival’s Bare Necessities Cruise are now open, so whatever happens in 2021, you can already start getting excited for 2022.

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