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British Airways Now Serves Gin Designed to Taste Better at Altitude

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by Eben Diskin May 10, 2019

British Airways is going the extra mile to ensure that passengers can truly enjoy their beverages while in the air by introducing this new gin meant to be consumed 30,000 feet up in the air.

Many foods and drinks are believed to lose their flavor, or taste differently, when consumed at higher altitudes. Research has shown that low air pressure and lack of humidity in the air suppress taste receptors and alters our sense of taste and smell. Professor Charles Spence, a leading flavor scientist, found that the noise of the airplane engine interferes with our sense of taste, too.

But this gin is the exception. It was created by Pickering’s, Edinburgh-based gin distillers, to taste just as good on the ground as in the air — its tasting notes shift the higher you fly.

After several recipes and trial tests, Pickering’s engineers have a gin that tastes that combines the following flavors “[…] a bouquet of bold floral juniper and lemon myrtle, with hints of beautifully British heather and rose petal, and warmer undertones of cardamom and cinnamon spice.”

The new gin drink option will be available as part of British Airlines’ centenary year celebrations and offered on all short-haul flights. Passengers can also purchase the gin as part of a mini gift pack available in the High Life shop on all flights long haul and non-EU flights.

H/T: Lonely Planet

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