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British Airways Pilot Strike Strands Nearly 200,000 Passengers

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by Eben Diskin Sep 10, 2019

This week, British Airways pilots went on strike for the first time in the airline’s history, leading to the cancellation of nearly all flights scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. The strike, caused by a pay dispute between pilots and the airline, has affected the travel plans of nearly 200,000 passengers.

In preparation for the strike, British Airways contacted passengers and offered refunds or flights at a later date or with other airlines, but the industrial action is still likely to disrupt many travel arrangements, and getting through to the airline’s busy customer service centers won’t be easy.

According to CNN, since the strike began, fares on other airlines have risen astronomically — by up to 2,100 percent — due to increased demand.

The 48-hour strike is scheduled to end at midnight tonight. British Airways has announced that some disruptions may continue throughout Wednesday. Pilots will strike again on September 27 if the dispute isn’t resolved before then. You can check online to see if your flight has been canceled.

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