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British Airways Will Provide COVID-19 Self-Test Kits to Travelers

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by Eben Diskin Mar 4, 2021

Administering your own COVID-19 test might not sound like the ideal way to end a vacation, but it might turn out to be the most convenient. In preparation for the summer travel season, British Airways is partnering with a COVID-19 test kit provider to make it easier for passengers to show evidence of a negative test before flying back home.

The UK hopes to open up to international travel as soon as May. There have been no specific details about how foreign travel might resume from the UK.

The new government-approved Qured kit will make it easier for travelers to take a test when abroad, to fulfill testing requirements before their return to the UK. Passengers will be able to buy the kit for $46 and it will be delivered to their home before they leave. They will take the kit with them on their trip and conduct the test there with guidance from an adviser on a video call. The result would be given in 20 minutes, with a certificate downloaded onto the customer’s phone.

According to Reuters, Sean Doyle, British Airways chief executive, said, “As we look forward and prepare for a safe return to travel, we remain focused on finding and offering the most convenient and affordable testing options for our customers.”

The self-administered antigen test typically costs over $140, but will be discounted for British Airways customers.

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