You Can Play With These Adorable Pugs at This Kyoto Cafe

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by Ashley Welton May 7, 2018

Urban Japan is famous for its quirky attractions — maid cafes, capsule hotels, vending machine underwear, just to name a few. There’s also a huge trend of animal cafes, where customers can interact with creatures like kittens, bunnies, owls, and now, our favorite of all of them: pugs.

Pug Cafe Living Room, just outside of Kyoto, Japan, is a dog lover’s dream. Visitors come for both the human snacks and doggie snuggles. With 12 pugs, each wearing their own namesake jersey, you’re in for a pugging as soon as you sit down, and you’ll have to pay up in pets.

Originally the cafe began with just four precious pugs, but they’ve since tripled in size and popularity. There’s often a line outside the door and reservations are encouraged, but not required. Be sure to check the calendar for their open days and specials.

There are a couple options to choose from for your visit. The “Regular Menu,” which costs ¥1200 yen (~US$11) for new visitors and ¥1000 yen (~US$10) for members, includes one drink, one human snack, one dog snack, and one hour of visitation. If that’s just not enough pug time, you can add on 30-minute segments for ¥500 without a drink, or ¥1000 yen with drink.

On special days, for ¥3000 yen, your time and drinks are unlimited (until there’s a full house, then they’ll give you the boot at 2 hours). The Living Room is open from 1 PM to 6 PM and only accepts cash, but they welcome all cuddles.

How to get there

Kyoto’s Pug Cafe Living Room is located a little way out of town in Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto Ward. The address is Nishikyo-ku, Kawatacho, 151 Selene Katsura 1F. Taxis can take you right there for around $20 each way.

What to consider

  • The pugs are friendly and food crazy — they swarm newcomers upon entry.
  • Last entry is at 5 PM. Be sure to check the calendar to make sure they’re open the day you want to go.
  • If you give them some social love by posting on Instagram and social media, they’ll give you extra doggie treats — totally worth it.
  • Get there early and expect a wait; everybody is looking for some pug love.

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