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You Can Have Wine and Cheese With a Llama in Colorado

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by Tim Wenger Apr 6, 2018

A glass of wine makes the already gorgeous Rocky Mountains appear even more striking. Add a plate of fine cheese? Well, you’ve got yourself a fine set up for an afternoon of high-altitude style. Paragon Guides, located in Eagle County, Colorado, about fifteen minutes west of Vail, offers guests the opportunity to have this experience, with a bit of hind-kick. Guests of the outdoor adventure guide service enjoy an intimate wine and cheese pairing, mountain vistas, and even a hike — with llamas.

You read that correctly. Cheese, wine, mountains, and… llamas. If you’ve ever wanted to pursue a close relationship with one of Mother Nature’s more rapacious creatures, it may be time to book a trip to the high country of Colorado. The llama-based outings are tailored specifically to the physical ability level and interests of each guest group and start at $545. This includes the food and guide-led adventure.

The Wine and Cheese with Llamas adventure is one of three llama-paired activities available at the base of the Arrowhead Ski Area, located just west of the larger and more well-known Beaver Creek Ski Area. A full-on lunch with the llamas can also be scheduled for those wishing to get a bit more formal. Maybe this is better left for date number two.

Adventurous (and boldly brave) visitors have the option to take the llamas with them on a backcountry hike and enjoy their lunch in a more secluded setting. No matter which option you choose, just be sure not to get into a post-meal spitting contest unless you like being put to shame.

Llama outings must be booked in advance, so get on the ball with your summer trip plans. From Denver, Arrowhead is about a two-hour drive, add another half hour if coming straight from the airport. The llamas have openings in their lunch schedule from July through October.

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