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Canada to Require All Air Travelers to Be Fully Vaccinated

Canada News
by Jori Ayers Aug 17, 2021

Canada will soon require all air, train, and cruise ship passengers to be fully vaccinated before traveling.

This announcement comes just after the country reopened its borders to fully vaccinated US travelers without the need for quarantine.

A statement from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat released on August 13, 2021, explains the new travel vaccination policy. All employees and passengers in the federal air, rail, and marine sectors will be required to be fully vaccinated “as soon as possible in the fall and no later than the end of October.”

“Canadians deserve to feel confident when traveling that the environment around them is safe,” said Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra on Twitter. “We need to regain public confidence in travel.”

According to the Canadian Treasury Board, more than 71 percent of people in Canada are fully vaccinated, and more than 82 percent have had their first vaccination, but more than six million eligible people are still unvaccinated.

Air Canada responded to the announcement stating the vaccine policy is a “welcome step forward in the evolving measures to protect the health and safety of airline employees, customers, and all Canadians.”

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